LDL 10 Years of Raving Pt. 2 w/ 2manydjs


Holy Fucking Shit! Part 2 is a dream come true for us as both gentleman of Lights Down Low have a serious and personal connection to the music of the Brothers Dewaele. It is with great honor and distinction that we are able to present the musical masters 2manydjs under the smiley face of Lights Down Low and have them celebrate 10 Years Of Raving with all of you! Wether you've been raving for 1 year or 10 you know them thru their live act of Soulwax, their wild ass mix tapes, their incredible DJ sets,their remixes, or even the mind bending Documentary about them. 2manydjs have continually set the bar and shaped and molded dance music in their distinctive and blistering way. It's going to be an amazing night and we cannot wait!

We've got the homie Eug from Face party in the house and we are going to have some surprise visitors in the loft! It's a full house of awesome music and excellent vibes.



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