Late Night Tonite! SF: Jozif & Atish


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Late Night Tonite! SF: Jozif & Atish

Live from the PUBLIC WORKS (main room) in SAN FRANCISCO, it's another edition of Late Night Tonite!

And now some words from your host, Atish:

Hi everyone, lovely to see you! I'm very excited about who we have in store for this edition of Late Night Tonite. Our guest is someone who is a personal friend, a phenomenal DJ, and someone who just cracks me up every moment I get the chance to hang out with him: Jozif.

Jozif is a Brit through and through, having released on highly respected labels such as Leftroom, Bedrock, and Culprit. But wow, you've got to hear his sets. He can span different genres, ranging from deeply melodic alongside Digweed to groovy tech house, but recently, his set at the Deserts Hearts festival last November was not only my favorite, but the favorite of almost everyone I talked to. You just can't help but dance to his music and fall in love with his presence.

Like at the last edition of Late Night Tonite, about an hour into the party, we'll take a break from the music and I'll conduct an actual sit-down interview with this chap, and we can explore what rocks his socks, makes him tick, honestly, who knows where the interview will go. Suffice to say, if you know Jozif, you're excited. If you don't, I think you'll love him. After that, we'll get right back to me playing music followed by Jozif, and then maybe play some tunes together through the end.

So, without further ado....



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