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Audio and Laser Native Present UK house/garage producer, Redlight on January 7th. Laser Native Parties are known for being some of the best in San Francisco so expect a killer night.

“Jungle schooled me” says Hugh Pescod – and he means that very literally. He began serious raving in his hometown of Bristol at the age of 13 (“I was tall”, he laughs), right at the height of the jungle explosion. He’d already been a bedroom DJ, teaching himself to mix on cheap turntables, and keen attendee at Bristol’s legendary Ashton Court Festival from 11, and a brief diversion into grunge notwithstanding, once he got out into the thick of the rave it took him over completely.

“Jungle back then wasn’t like it became later,” he says; “it was still completely fresh, still full of new ideas, and – really important for me – the samples in it led me to all kinds of other culture: hip hop, reggae, horror films, and all the rest of it. The integration of so much history, and so much culture into that music was amazing for me.” By 14, he’d all but given up on school, and his entire life centred on the tunes he was hearing played by local legends like Roni Size and Krust in the clubs and warehouse raves – dancing to them, tracking them down, and increasingly making them.

Opening set: Vitamindevo b2b Lt. Daaan b2b Lenny Kiser b2b Nima G.

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