Laser Native Presents: Fritz Carlton, VitaminDevo & Lt. Daaan


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Laser Native Presents: Fritz Carlton , Vitamindevo & Lt. Daaan

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We are extremely excited to bring you that low end, wobbly sonic flavor that we wake up out of dreams for, and can’t get out of our minds. For this month's installment we are celebrating Fritz Carlton's upcoming EP on Laser Native!

A Night of Bass House & Techno Featuring:

Fritz Carlton
(This Ain't Bristol / Perfect Driver / Go Deep SF)

Max Magee, AKA Fritz Carlton, is a 22 year-old House music producer currently residing in the musically eclectic city of San Francisco. Originally hailing from Seattle, Fritz is now deeply entrenched within the Bay Area electronic music scene in both live performance and his own music. A dedicated performer in numerous musical settings (Metal drums, originally), Fritz's love affair with house music first began when he moved to Southern California for college. His productions combine influences from dark, ghetto & edgy Bay Area booty bass sounds, the deep drowning aesthetics of Berlin House, and the lush, smooth musical lexicons of the city of Angels. This creates a style of music that generates calm, reflective, groovy, and undeniably self-assured feelings on the dance floor - with a generous dose of booty-shaking adding to the mischief and ambiguity. With released & forthcoming music on Perfect Driver, Grooverdose, Them Flavors, & This Ain't Bristol, 2015 is looking to be an exciting year for Fritz. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this cat; he's here to stay, 9 lives and all.


With a packed summer full of producing, late club sets and festivals alike, Vitamindevo is on fire. With his last release on Laser Native making waves, look out for his forthcoming EP with Laser Native July 15th on Beatport.

“I create music to inspire movement. A beat starts in my head, and will drive me crazy until I sit down and take the time to bring it to existence. Through wires it goes, and is able to materialize thorough the speakers. But it is not until I get to watch people embody the music through dance that it feels like the cycle of a song has been completed. I want to create music that will take you to the stars and back while helping you both lose yourself and find yourself a in the rhythmic layers.” - Vitamindevo

Lt. Daaan
(Laser Native / MNML:FUN)

Feeding off smiles, subtle exchanges of knowing satisfaction, and expressions of ecstatic surprise, Lt. Daaan lives to engage with his audience and environment. This DJ thrives off the challenge of performing in a diverse array of settings wherein listener expectations continuously evolve. With an arsenal of beats that range from hypnotic house to rolling techno, dirty ghetto tech to bubbly minimal, deep and dark to golden light, Lt. Daaan is poised to take the decks any time, any place.

Due to his seamless versatility and intelligent sensitivity to time and space, Lt. Daaan has quickly infiltrated the San Francisco underground scene. His fast ascension is no doubt due to the fact that when Lt. Daaan hits the decks, booties hit the floor.



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