Konstruct with Max Gardner, Comua & U-SRD

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>>>Focusing on SF for our May edition of Konstruct<<<


Max Gardner (Direct To Earth, SF)

For over a decade, Max Gardner has dedicated himself to techno. His DJ career began humbly, as many did — mixing records on tables with friends in high school. Times have changed: He's now a constant presence in Bay Area techno, playing clubs and warehouse parties, hosting his own events, and producing his own hammerhead machine music, performing all-hardware live sets solo and in collaboration.In 2011, he co-founded Direct To Earth, a party and event series. Inspired by a lack of proper techno in the East Bay, DTE's first incarnation was a Sunday night weekly party in Oakland. There, Gardner met a crew of friends and collaborators, and Direct To Earth began to blossom. Today, it's one of the most well-regarded techno affairs in the Bay Area. Through his work with DTE, Gardner has hosted, promoted, and DJ'd beside some of the world's most well-regarded techno talents — in dirty warehouses, hazy afterparties, and top-tier clubs.Max Gardner's DJ sets run through the gamut of techno in its purest forms, inspired by the heavy, synth-forward sounds of Detroit and Berlin classics and new-school players from the Netherlands, Latin America, and the U.S. Midwest. He focuses on driving rhythms and intricate, long-form mixing — hypnotic blends that provide just the right amount of subtlety to whipped-up dancers. He's played dozens of beloved clubs and festivals throughout the Americas and Europe: Beta and the Great American Techno Festival in Denver; MUTE in Medellín, Colombia; The Works in Detroit during Movement; Asylum in Honolulu, Hawaii; Desterro in Lisbon, Portugal; Public Works and Monarch in San Francisco; and many more.

Comua (Asterisk Collective, SF)

A Vietnamese-American artist based in San Francisco, Comua is known for energetic, rhythmically-playful Techno and lively, synth-heavy tracks mixed with dramatic moments in his sets.

He has been a DJ, music producer, and event producer in the Bay Area since 2014. He works with Asterisk to host cutting-edge Techno artists from all over the world including 999999999, Blush Response, and D.Dan. In addition, he founded Degens to highlight local artists in minority groups and has released under Cielux for Perfect Location Records.

Comua's music explores influences from Techno, Electro, Breaks, Jungle, Disco, Experimental, and Bass music. Whether DJing or performing live, he weaves these disparate genres through a connected intensity and emotion, settling on the intricate rhythms inherited by the global dance floor.

"Có mưa" means "having rain" in Vietnamese, reflecting the ephemeral nature of expression and connection tied to dance music.

U-SRD (Konstruct residents)

U-SRD is a DJ/Producer duo from San Francisco, California launched in 2016 by Loammi Rodas, and Fabrizio Uscanga. Coming from distinctly different musical backgrounds, both artists found common ground with a shared love of Techno after many years of DJing. A passion for hardware, and modular synthesis further cemented their journey into production as a duo. Over the last few years they’ve generated a significant following in SF, and in 2018 teamed up as partners with the Konstruct Techno events crew. Early that same year they were picked up by San Francisco/Seattle Techno label, From 0-1 and signed three original tracks, to be featured on their debut EP slated for release early in 2019. Expect a mental and hypnotic approach to their DJing, production, and their newly launched hybrid live/DJ performance; already starting to make waves beyond SF, they are ones to watch in the coming years.

$5 at the door (cash only)

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