Konstruct w/ Dani Lehman (Dirty Epic), Alex Xipil, Rubidium

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Coming off an incredible one year anniversary party with Drumcell, we keep the momentum moving forward with one of the North America's true Techno punishers, Dani Lehman!

Dani Lehman (Dirty Epic, Detroit)

Dani Lehman is a New York native and Detroit transplant. She is a Dirty Epic resident known for her heavy sets, and has headlined floors across the US as a force to be reckoned with. Her latest project is the rebranding of Backstreet Detroit as the head talent buyer.


Alex Xipil (Red Marines Productions, SF)

Once upon a time in the far Northwestern part of Russia, a cosmic spiritual essence incarnated in a human form known as Alex Xipil. At an early age, he fell in love with electronic sounds which later progressed into a passion for techno music. Subsequently, life’s path led him to the U.S., where he was introduced to the psychedelic trance which immediately shared a place in his heart with techno. He started playing both styles of music at parties. The spectrum of his musical passion for the proper techno could be described as a blend of analog, vibrant sounds inspired by Detroit techno merging with deep, energetic bassline influenced by German techno and a touch of mind-tickling, futuristic psychedelic sounds taking you on an acoustical journey.


Rubidium (Konstruct, SF)

Rubidium is an DJ and producer, based in Oakland, California. Resident/promoter at the Konstruct monthly party in San Francisco.

Rubidium’s current take on techno is heavy and dense. Her sound can vary from driving to hypnotic, experimental to atmospheric, with an occasional dip into an ambient realm. She is fond of tension, creative sound design and exploring darker themes in her sets. Rubidium has opened for notable techno artists Cio D'Or, Black Asteroid and Tommy Four Seven. Her tracks can be found on the From 0-1, Webuildmachines, Subspec and Anode labels, with more on the way. Rubidium also serves as art director of From 0-1, pushing pixels and podcasts since the label began in 2008.


Visuals by Pixelpusher

$10 at the door (cash only)

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