Konstruct: KAFKA (Reclaim Your City), Valentin Ginies, U-SRD


KAFKA (Reclaim Your City, Concrete Records || Vancouver)

KAFKA is Vancouver based techno producer and DJ, Richard Duggan. Richard has been writing and producing under various aliases since the early 1990’s, with KAFKA taking shape in 2013. Since then he has become a key player in Vancouver’s underground techno community. Both his live and DJ sets are focused on the larger conceptual journey, often slow to draw you in, offering listeners an expansive soundtrack that explore the darker depths of techno and other experimental electronic music. On record, KAFKA has released on Reclaim Your City, Concrete Records, SubSpec Records, as well as independently. In addition to many headlining spots in the Pacific Northwest, KAFKA has also been a live showcase artist at the Bass Coast Festival in BC, as well as the DAT Festival in Missoula, Montana. He has performed opening sets along side prominent techno artists including Subjected, Blind Observatory, Regis, Silent Servant, Kangding Ray, Erika, Experimental Housewife, Deepchild, Orphx, Edit Select and Rrose. KAFKA also produces his own unique underground events in Vancouver under the moniker Ghost in the Machine.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kafka-sound
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kafkasound/
Resident Advisor: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/kafka
Ghost in the Machine: www.gitm.io

Valentin Ginies (2525252525 || Berlin)

As a self taught artist Valentin Ginies started his first mixes in North America, but after years living in Berlin, had the chance to build a rich studio. There he processes recorded outdoor experimental sounds, triggering indoor space organic ambient in balance with the heavy techno drums that characterize the consolidated style of this young artist, who already released his first EP last year.

Bandcamp // https://valentinginies.bandcamp.com/
Resident Advisor // https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/valentinginies/
SoundCloud // https://www.soundcloud.com/valentinginies/
Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/valentinginies

U-SRD (From 0-1, Konstruct residents || SF)

U-SRD is a DJ/Producer duo from San Francisco, California launched in 2016 by Loammi Rodas, and Fabrizio Uscanga. Coming from distinctly different musical backgrounds, both artists found common ground with a shared love of Techno after many years of DJing. A passion for hardware, and modular synthesis further cemented their journey into production as a duo. Over the last few years they’ve generated a significant following in SF, and in 2018 teamed up as partners with the Konstruct Techno events crew. Early that same year they were picked up by San Francisco/Seattle Techno label, From 0-1 and signed three original tracks, to be featured on their debut EP slated for release early in 2019. Expect a mental and hypnotic approach to their DJing, production, and their newly launched hybrid live/DJ performance; already starting to make waves beyond SF, they are ones to watch in the coming years.


$10 at the door (cash only)

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