Just One Moment: Hueman (Art Show)

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San Francisco, CA - Mirus Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibition JUST ONE MOMENT by Hueman, featuring over 15 new paintings on canvas and wood. Distinct in her use of bold color and free flowing texture, Hueman compares and contrasts conflicting ideologies to create masterful works that are at once balanced and unsettling. Her latest work featured in this exhibition is a look into a singular moment in time, spliced, dissected, and manipulated through intersecting lines and planes; juxtaposing images that are simultaneously beautiful and grotesque, abstract and figurative, geometric and organic.

The physicality of a moment becomes especially integral to this solo exhibition, drawing in the viewer to absorb ethereal scenes, suspending a moment and causing emotions to linger and simmer. As if viewing through a prism, the scenes and faces in JUST ONE MOMENT are fragmented, bending and distorting light, color, and reality. The subjectivity of a moment stretched to infinity allows each piece to offer a different perspective of the same instance in time. Nothing is as black and white as we are led to believe, and Hueman’s work exists in these ethereal grey zones, confronting the complex dichotomies and emotions that are inherent in how we perceive ourselves and our positions in the world.

Exhibition link: http://www.mirusgallery.com/exhibitions/201509-hueman-just-one-moment

About the Artist:

Hueman’s work can be seen on walls and in galleries worldwide. Her art has caught the attention of media outlets and publications such as CNN, the History Channel, Complex, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Graffiti Art Magazine, and she's graced the cover of LA Weekly’s 2014 People Issue. Her new solo with Mirus Gallery is her first in the Bay Area since moving back after success in LA.



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