Proximity: Jordan Poling, Brendan Finlayson, Victor Vega

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Proximity SF continues its quest for excellence & for our next bimonthly we first welcome Whitney Sanford!

Whitney Sanford is a San Francisco mixed media artist. Having moved several times as a child due to economic reasons, coupled with a deep desire to explore the world at large, her work tends to focus on the concepts of home and community. In using watercolor, oil, paper cutout, animation, polaroid and collage, she intends to lend a unique depiction of each individual “experience”.

We will have an art salon for the first hour to observe these AWESOME illustration.


Jordan Poling grew up in Ohio, and devoted himself to the art of production and playing records at a young age. His move to New York City in 2008 marked the beginning of his production career while working at the pressing plant Brooklyn Phono and record store halcyon the shop. He has releases on Fred P's Boards, Recondite’s Plangent, L.A.G., Finale Sessions, Ornate, and his own Division Point Industries. Aside from his busy solo schedule, Jordan also has collaborative projects with Fred P and Tin Man. When asked how to best describe his music, Jordan's answer is simple. “It's honest.”
Soundcloud: Facebook:

DJ Victor Vega (Proximity + Housepitality)
FaceBook: @vegamusic616

Brendan Finlayson Proximity + AYLI

Visuals by Create Stage & Burton L

Proximity SF is a side project that Victor Vega & wife Laura Vega have been developing for the past year and a half. Producing a few underground Parties along with an Official Movement Party this past year. With future events in the works.
This is an opportunity for a new collaboration to come to fruition, develop their skills and bring new ideas to digital arts, Music production and DJing.


Come as you are.



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