IO 12: James Kelley, Craig Kuna, Chris Föor and more! (Free)

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When we started Inner Orbit we were hungry to do something different. At that time there were not many Thursday night parties, and absolutely none for techno. Now here we are 1 full year later and we've helped bring Thursday back as a regular party night, we've been able to give the spotlight to many overdue guests from our network, and we were able to give back to our community by hosting these nights at no cost for attendees. A lot of effort, time and money goes into these events; and we've decided to refocus our full efforts back into our exciting schedule of weekend nights. Even though this could be our last orbit, the energy will live on.

James Kelley (SOURCE 20/20, Invisible Borders, MFM Records)
Craig Kuna [KONTROL]
Christopher Föor (Sound Coalitions, Rec Room)
Magnetizer (Hard Sync / Bulk Beings Massive)
Viewfinder (Asterisk)

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