Inside out presents: Tone of Arc / Femmes Afiire


Join us on the patio this Saturday morning to welcome Tone of Arc to inside out mornings! also, local Group, Femmes Afire;, which include members; Femmelectric, Aiko, and Hellcat. Plus, residents, Cristoffer Z and Vedda.

Please arrive at 6am or later. Those who wait to get in get rewarded ;)
About this week's beats: we're on fire!

The Patio Party -

TONE of ARC ( Bar 25 Music , Om Records, Tulum Records )

femmelectric ( Femmes Afire)

Cat Hellacat Abad ( Femmes Afire)

Aiko (Femmes Afire)

Cristoffer Zuniga (inside out)
Vëdda (inside out)
About Us:

Summer: The Patio Party

Inside Out is San Francisco's only Saturday morning party where party goers witness the party transition from inside to outside right before their own eyes.

☛ Bar opens at 6am
☛ Excellent sound
☛ Backroom & patio
☛ 420 friendly
☛ Lounge areas & bottle service available



Who's Going




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