IIIUM Art.Tech.Music: The Field, Lusine + More TBA

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    The Midway SF


The Midway SF presents
IIIUM Art. Tech. Music
Tickets: https://ticketf.ly/2NFBjtI
-Live sets by The Field, Lusine, VRIL & Surachai
-Visual installations by Can Buyukberber x artify.com.au x UCSF, Onesal, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo Makes ARTS, ecco screen & Camila Magrane
-Performance Art by Hammerstep & dancers from San Francisco Ballet and Alonzo King LINES Ballet
-Culinary delights by Madam Zola's Fortune

IllUM: to set alight.

The Midway is San Francisco’s home for the arts to collide, and IllUM is our signature event celebrating transcendent creative energy in moving, living dimensions. Set your mind alight.

We're proud to announce the next installment of IllUM - a one-night festival of emerging tech and it's effect on the visual, auditory, and tactile arts. Technology changed the way we manifest our creativity - we invite you to explore this shift on an interactive journey. IllUM will transform guests from onlooker to participant, change perceptions and stimulate emotions.

// MUSIC //

IllUM’s audio experiences were selected based on their avant-garde production styles. Ranging from ambient and atmospheric to pad-driven harmonies with breakbeats, each musical artist delivers their message simply and powerfully. This is electronic music that builds pressure in subtle ways and never fails to take listeners somewhere new and exciting.


Can Buyukberber x artify.com.au x UCSF
Immersive audiovisual experience builder Can Buyukberber is teaming up with Artify, a robotic platform built to assist artists in realizing their work on a larger scale. Together, they’ll blur boundaries between the physical and digital spaces created at IllUM. Can Buyukberber’s work focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives and emergent forms.

Thank you to UCSF's neurology department for providing us with brainwave data on human communication to create this piece.

Onesal is a boutique art direction, motion graphics, and content creation firm based in Tokyo, Japan. They produce video content that captures the gaze of spectators and is instantly felt. Passion, ingenuity and the capacity for creation through technology fuse to make visual magic at Onesal.

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo Makes ARTS
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is a mixed media artist whose work focuses on collections, memorialization and the act of leaving one's digital imprint for the next generation. His work takes the form of video sculptures, immersive performances, large-scale projections and vending machines that sell human DNA.

ecco screen
Eccoscreen is returning for his second IllUM to create interactive installations, audiovisual performances, and immersive experiences, exploring introversion, social anxiety, and the internal dialog of the mind. The result is a marriage between light and sound, but also a deep connection with the human psyche. Horizon is a new Light Art installation created by ecco screen specifically for The Midway’s March 18Luminary exhibition. Since starting ecco screen in late 2015, ecco screen's work has been featured by The Creators Project, Prosthetic Knowledge, Codame Art+Tech Festival, Gray Area Foundation, Stanford University, and others. Additionally, he has collaborated on a variety of projects with Acura, Google, A-Trak, Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth, and others.

Camila Magrane
Camila Magrane is a Bay Area innovator in the tech-art movement. Inspired by her multicultural roots, she’s kept a fresh perspective while adapting her creative photo, video and coding processes with emerging technologies. As she’s honed in on her skills, she has carved a niche focused on interactive video and life-sized installations that contemplate humanity’s growing dependence on technology.


Hammerstep is an elite dance company that challenges the way traditional dance and movements are presented. Employing a variety of styles including Irish step, Hip Hop, and martial arts, the dancers mesmerize crowds with their seamless transitions. With each step, this NYC crew elevates dance and sparks social progression in the process.

Fury Show
World class dancers from San Francisco Ballet and Alonzo King LINES Ballet present FURY, inspired by Mad Max - Fury Road. This experience is designed to transports guests into an ever-changing, post-apocalyptic world built by roaming performers fighting for survival. FURY is a journey that moves between driving intensity and tender intimacy.


Our onsite cafe, Madam Zola's Fortune will serve as a space to connect with like-minded guests over a carefully crafted tasting menu. Special appetizers will be served in experience rooms. Nourish your body as your mind is fed.




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