IG Living Room Presents: A Sunny Disco Day

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    The Great Northern

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IG Living Room: Your living room on the playa - where love and comfort free you to feel ALIVE.

Beats. Costumes. Dance. Disco. Drinks. Visuals. Auction. Painting. Playa Crafts. Yoga. Tacos. TACOS!!!


Damn. Good. Time =)

At the glorious Great Northern - Music inside and Auction/Yoga/Painting/Crafts/Tacos in the SUN.

Visual Projections from our 15x6 ft LED wall (affectionately named WallZ) on playa this year. It's a really really big (LED) wall. A huge wall. HUGE. HUUUUGE.

Silent Auction including BM outfits & gear, chocolate making classes, and more.

Finger and/or body paint canvas, and playa crafts - like a bejewled dusk mask and jewelry.

And yoga. Because every good event needs Yoga. Especially when there's loud music.

And TACOOOOOS: Because Tacos and Disco go together like puppies and Slip-N-Slide. Think about it. Ok don't think about it. But you love them both. And they're aMAzing.

Open bar from 1-5pm (cash bar after 5pm) and discounted open bar tickets can be purchased prior to the event. Because we like open bars. They're open. Open = good. Not Open = Not Good.

DJ lineup to be announced shortly (with a special secret DJ coming, in addition to the current DJ's who are secret for now but won't be secret soon. Other than the secret DJ, who'll remain secret until the day of and then we'll tell you and they won't be secret anymore. Because that's how the secret thing works, we can't tell you)

But Beats, for the love of god, BEATS.

All proceeds will go towards bringing the Living Room experience of home, love, creativity, and life to the playa.



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