Ardalan (Iceberg Cowboys Precompression)


Iceberg Cowboys + OnTapMusic Present: Icing On the Cake

Iceberg Cowboys are back for our annual Burning Man fundraiser, Icing on the Cake! This year we’re excited to have a very special guest from Dirtybird Records alongside some extremely talented artists from Build It Records, House of Hustle, Pizza & Techno, Brass Tax, and Sinewave Syndicate.

On top of that, to make sure this is a night to remember, Icing on the Cake will be held at The Grand Theater, a renovated single screen cinema originally built in 1940. If that wasn’t enough The Grand Theater now features a fully immersive L-Acoustics sound system. Plus we have a few more surprises up our sleeves so you’re not gonna want to miss out on this one. All you have to do is bring good vibes and a pair of dancing shoes.

Can’t make the event but still want to contribute? No problem, we have a donate option right on the eventbrite page.

We hope to see all of your beautiful faces there and on the playa! )’(

"Come get Dirty with Iceberg Cowboys! We can't wait to see you on the Playa, but until then we've got a special DirtyBird artist for you so lets get down and dirty before we get down and dusty... who's a Dirty Burner!?"

Dirtybird Guest Headliner (TBA)

Support by:

Atty G (Build It Records) b2b The Schmidt (House of Hustle)

IceCreams (Admit One Records) b2b Willaa (Pizza and Techno)

Kapt’n Kirk (Space Cowboys) b2b Marky Ray (Brass Tax)

Dymonds (Iceberg Cowboys) b2b JustJovani (Sinewave Syndicate)

The Schmidt:

Launching his music career from the Bay Area, San Francisco based producer, The Schmidt has been seeing a lot of success. Still early in his career, he has already performed at festivals such as SXSW, SnowGlobe, Northern Nights, How Weird Festival as well as some of the most prominent venues around US. The Schmidt is getting a lot of support from crowds and gaining a keen following from the scene’s main heads. He's known for his bass line house music as well as his electric DJ sets. His unique take on House music is full of energy, while drawing influence from Classic House, G House and UK Garage. Having recent releases on House of Hussle, Build It Records, Brooklyn Fire etc, 2018 is set to be The Schmidt's biggest year yet.

Atty G:

Grimy. Raw. Bangin’. These are just a few words Atty G’s fans use to describe his productions and DJ sets. If you want more adjectives you’ll have to consult a thesaurus...meanwhile Atty G is busy laying down beats and getting everyone hot and sweaty on the dance floor!

Suneth Attygalle is Atty G.

Is he classically trained in violin? Yup. Is he a doctor of physical therapy? Perhaps. Has he been booked to support acts like Shiba San, Billy Kenny, and Worthy with beatport-charted music released on Daniel Fernandes’ label LZR TRP? Sure, but who’s counting? Atty G speaks with his music, not his accolades.

What you really need to know about Atty G is he is the future of West Coast House Music. Atty G may have been raised in Ithaca, New York but he now makes his home in the Bay Area splitting time between San Francisco and Fresno where residents know a thing or two about good music.

Formerly known for his more laid back productions, Atty G now focuses on blasting his vision of bass-driven house music through speaker boxes all over the world. If you like booty bouncin’ House music with Trap and Breaks influences, Atty G is your guy. If you don’t like that kind of music, well, you probably haven’t heard Atty G drop his heat yet.


IceCreams (f.k.a. Sean Rynhard) has shared the stage with huge names including Walker and Royce, Justin Martin, Green Velvet, Maximono, Sacha Robotti, and many more. The eclectic and nurturing vibe of San Francisco propelled him into producing his own style of music from the get-go. His live sets offer a mixture of sonically soothing and unexpected, and his productions are a staple in many renowned DJ’s sets.


If you want to make the world a happier place, play it a song.

That's Willaa's philosophy, and it's the bumping rhythm at the heart of his sound. From his DJ sets to his productions, Willaa's music pulses with an excitable, positive energy. It's his mission to infect the world with groove. Each set is another opportunity to dig into your soul, each dance floor a bed for seeds to grow into pure, danceable joy.

Raised on wild Florida nights, he's found his spiritual home in San Francisco. Inspired by the neon hum of the historic city's cybernetic streets, he blends electronic textures with organic elements to create a swirl of psychedelia no breathing body can ignore. Is it technosoul? Is it freakhouse? Where Willaa's going, you don't need words.

Comfortable spinning house, disco, techno, and everything in between, his current obsession is all about fresh blends of bass and funk. He fits his style into every nook and cranny of the underground dance world, from dim-lit speakeasies to cramped house parties, abandoned military bunkers, crowded caves, and verdant festival fields. Willaa works the scene into sweaty, smiling mania, casting musical spells that pluck wall flowers from their inhibitions.

The world is a crazy place, but hope and happiness wait in the space between the beats. Willaa wants to play, and he wants to create, but more than anything, he wants you to move, and he'll stop at nothing until you do.

Kapt’n Kirk:

Marky Ray:

Some dick playing other people’s music


Dymonds is Anthony Aron Davis, DJ/Producer born and raised in San Francisco. Coming from a musical family he grew up listening to a wide variety of genres. In 2005 he discovered Oakland's warehouse scene and fell in love with electronic music. In 2007 Anthony bought his first set of turntables, since then he has been playing venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and even took on two apprentices who are now working in the industry. After that he became a founding member of Sinewave Syndicate, a San Francisco based event company and artist collective.

Over the years Anthony has developed an obsession with the dark side of electronic music so in 2015 he created Dymonds as a platform to express this obsession. His influences for Dymonds range from dark layered techno and warehouse anthems to European experimental synth-pop. Dymonds blends these elements together while paying close attention to underlining rhythm.


Jovani Melendez is a native San Francisco DJ & producer popularly known as JustJovani. Despite being a fresh face to the underground scene, JustJovani has proven his worth both behind the decks and in the studio. His blended soundscape draws inspiration from multiple genres such as acid, techno, and house, crafting them into a sonic experience that resonates with all listeners. He is not afraid to dive deep into dark and light textures, while still keeping a strong, consistent groove. His mixes evoke feelings ranging from dancing in the sun, to getting lost in the abyss, pulsating sounds. These can be best heard in his Just Music mix series and recorded set from Organic Festival 2017.

His inspirations include artists like Mark Knight, Carl Cox, Eli Brown, Honey Dijon and Charlotte De Witte. Labels such as Mia Mendi, Toolroom, Desert Hearts, Sola, and DirtyBird Records also inspire him. He has the stage presence to complement and backup his unique mixing style. On stage, JustJovani captivates his audience with his composure, expertise of the decks, and reading the needs of the crowd.

Some of his notable performances include 18 HR with Justin Martin and Walker & Royce, an event he not only performed at but organized, 2017 Organic Festival and 2018 Deep Summit. JustJovani has and runs two residencies through his co-owned label, Sinewave Syndicate: The Deep End at 3411 Lounge in Oakland, and The Pop Off at Score Bar & Lounge in San Francisco. He has performed at many clubs throughout the Bay Area including The Great Northern, The Brix, F8, Temple and Milk Bar. As a founding member of Sinewave Syndicate, his experience as a label manager has led him to bring on the talents of members such as Archie XX, Dexter, and Jellyybearr. From festivals, to clubs and bars, JustJovani is a rising force in the underground electronic music scene showing no signs of stopping.
Simply put, he’s Just Jovani.


Friday, Aug 10, 2018

Grey Area Theater

2665 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Doors: 8pm - 2am

21 +



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