Icarus + Kino Pālua present Einmusik (Live)

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Join ICARUS and the Kino Pālua as we team up for a night of fundraising & dancing with a live set from Einmusik (Einmusika, Katermukke). His performances are not to be missed - we promise we’ll have you moving all night long.

All proceeds from this event will support two projects: bringing the mutant spaceship ICARUS back to its favorite intergalactic playa adventure for a fourth year, and providing a dusty debut of Kino Pālua - a 2017 Burning Man art installation brought to you by the team who built 2014’s Paha'oha'o Volcano.

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Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1090913887680598/

Einmusik - LIVE (Einmusika, Noir Music Katermukke)

Support from ICARUS Residents


Jessica Stanell


About Einmusik:

Always lost between space and time. Always on the run, hard to catch. Sometimes the sounds are raw, sometimes dreamy and light-footed. Who wants to understand the music of Einmusik needs to go deeper. Listen a second time, breath a third time and throw away all your expectations. Only a few steady components, no easy schemes. House, techno, trance and breakbeats - everything flows into each other and ends up in a unique symbiosis. You will find melodies. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes dominating and sometimes they disappear after the break and get lost in a raw and metallic vacuum of claps and basses.

For more than 10 years Einmusik’s work is led by melancholy and desire, paired with this crazy moments after a gig with thousands of people. A soaked nape, sore feet and a blessed smile - the
next idea is already in the bag, the melody of the moment in the ear. releases on Noir Music, Diynamic, Katermukke, Voltage Musique and Kittball, added by the productions on his own label
Einmusika are the result of these wonderful trips.

Samuel Kindermann is always on the move and doesn’t need the bonds of trends which are creeping through the clubs season by season. His live- performance is unique and everything but hand-tame. Whether on a festival like Fusion or in a small club - in the end everybody is closing the eyes, forgets about the here and now and plunge into the cosmos of Einmusik, which seems to be endless.

Kino Palua is the second large scale project by Bay Area artist, Kahai Sumida-Tate. Bringing Pa'hao'aho- The Volcano to the playa in 2014, the journey of transformation continues within Kino Palua. Two 16'x24' wooden temporary structures, intended to remind you to embrace the idea of immediacy, Kino Palua will welcome you to become at one and interact with the 'ahi' or 'was' sides of the sculpture. Feel the heat and hear the roar of the 6 propane roofers as you let it all go inside ahi, and be soothed by the calming and embracing experience awaiting you inside was. A truly dual-natured experience.

Find Kino Palua online:

ICARUS is a moving sculpture, a roaming art gallery and music stage all in one massive vehicle. Think Firefly, Elysium and Alien meets Studio 54.

Find ICARUS online:



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