Housepitality w/ K.Atou, Sean Murray, Zodiac Disco


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K.ATOU (Revolt! Lick My Deck | Greece)
SEAN MURRAY (Housepitality)
Lounge Takeover by:

This booking is VERY special on many levels.. First it is an expansion of our efforts to keep bringing you really good international level underground female djs because the ladies know something extra about making people dance that men don't. Must be biology.

Recently we had Zeina from Montreal who destroyed it for us during an opening set and she left an impression on people. We've debuted Black Madonna and Francesca Lombardo to San Francisco and they've become local favorites (If you caught them at our magical and intimate dancefloor, then you are a lucky person:). There are too many others to mention here but this particular show is the continuation of a musical story along the lines of our past headliners JULIETTA and MARGARET DYGAS..

Katrina aka K.ATOU is a talented phenomenon and she can be found playing those very discreet shows alongside those type of artists.. In fact, she is friends with Julietta and they often do a b2b shows. K.ATOU has been collecting and djing on vinyl since she was 18 and her story begun in the magical island of Corfu. I can't imagine a better place to craft your sound and take it out to the world..

Expect nothing but the best underground sounds from this touring dj pro who knows what to drop to make you move..Sean Murray will be crafting an dj set to wet the floor for our main act. Ilya Galperin and Aaron Paul of ZODIAC DISCO will take over the lounge and represent their sound of their party... per usual, its Wednesday and We. Got U!



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