Housepitality w/ Baby G & Aaron Clark

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BABY G (BPitch Control, Crosstown Rebels, Berlin)
AARON CLARK (Honcho, Hot Mass, Pittsburgh, SF)

Lounge, Kimmy's Birthday WERD Takeover:

We are very honored to bring you a very unique and versatile rising female dj/producer/ artist whose musical talent has won the hearts and minds of the Berlin underground. Plus, we are celebrating a special person whose dropping an opening set. He is the head of Pittsburgh's HONCHO & HOT MASS parties and it will be his first night moving/living in SF>>>

We were first introduced to BABY G by Chug Dealer, Jason Greer. She played the back room for us SO after burning man and she DESTROYED the lounge with an eclectic mix of disco and 80's music. She had Manny dancing super hard, I've never seen Dj M3 dance like that, it was great. We hung out later and she revealed to me that all the records she played that night were bought that same day after she found out we didn't have CDJ 2000's in the lounge. She also knew the rule in our lounge was "anything but house" so she collected specifically for our gig, and it was A JAM! After doing some research and listening to her mixes and productions it was apparent to me that Georgina Fernandez, her real name, is an underground music prodigy.. Her mixes go from deep nu disco to far out tech field seamlessly. Her energy is unique and she knows how to get the dancefloor moving.. She is a true work of art and she's produced for some of the most prestigious high brow labels like Eskimo plus Bpitch Control, Rekids, Crosstown Rebels, My Favorite Robot, Snuff Trax, Skylax Records and more.. WHAAT?? yeah, serious businass ladies and GENTS> She is here to make you sweat with her infectious energy behind the decks.. WE WELCOME BABY G!!!

AARON CLARK is the head of the HONCHO and HOT MASS parties in Pittsburgh.. He is an American rising dj star but also a high profile promoter, agent, and producer. He does it ALL. His dj talent speaks for itself. His impressive soundcloud has live dj mixes from various high profile gigs he recently played and some from his own parties. His musical talent got him booked on a European tour in which he got to play CockTail d'Amore in Berlin and the such, his earned respect and reputation has opened roads and opportunities to keep him being a creative musical tastemaker and producer and lately it has given him the opportunity to MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO, so on this night he is essentially getting off the plane and coming directly to Housepitality to deliver his goods... WE ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE AARON PLAY FOR US ON HIS FIRST NIGHT HERE!!!



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