Housepitality: Michael Tello vs Dave Aju (Live) , Shane One

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Michael Tello was born in Los Angeles California in 1978. The son of Latino parents with an eclectic taste in music, he was exposed to a wide variety of music at a young age, ranging from the tribal rhythms of South America to the cutting edge, electronic sounds of the early 1980's. At age 12, Michael's dad purchased a DJ set up with turntables, mixer & microphone and asked him to hook it all up. Michael had found a new interest and love for the art of DJing. He began experimenting with his mom and dads Disco, Salsa and Funk 12” records and 45’s. Fast forward and he's founder of the one and only, Housepitality SF and is a member / producer of the group Pillowtalk.

Bay Area native Marc Barrite created the DJ/Production alias Dave Aju as a vehicle for his fresh and distinctive take on electronic dance music. Though raised on a steady diet of Jazz and Soul music along with several years of paying dues in various Hip-Hop and B-Boy crews, it wasn‘t until he relocated to the city of San Francisco that the final ingredients to the Dave Aju recipe were added. Immediately drawn to the experimental openmindedness of the SF underground scene, he soon found himself on the vanguard of contemporary dance music – gladly straying further into left field from the traditional club house and electro styles he had been involved with in earlier years.

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