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( ( ( HOUSEPITALITY ) ) ) Welcomes back one of our very first top billings.. One of Chicago's house maestros and an SF favorites amongst the house afficionados.. Welcome back, friend. Shit is goin’ down!

(Classic Music Company, | Chicago)


A very special lounge set by
::AARON J ::
(Sure Thing, SF)

The details:

$5 early-bird tickets available on RA:
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Bottomless champagne 9-10pm
Free b4 10pm with RSVP - $10 after"
$5 Jameson (with mention of Housepitality discount)
Streaming LIVE at



If life is about "being in the right place at the right time," then Diz's timing could not have been better. Born and raised in Chicago, the original epicenter of the House Music uni-verse, his adolescence coincided with the beginnings of that city's legendary scene. Nowadays, if you mention Diz's name amongst House aficionados, you are almost cer-tain to hear adoration and respect for his insane DJ skills, stage presence, and warm-hearted personality.

Diz's musical influences started at home, where his mother's love for Jazz led him to pursue the saxophone for many years. His DJ beginnings were about whatever he could get his hands on, like Disco and old Breaks records inherited from family members. When he was 14, his older brother took him to The Music Box, where Diz witnessed the true potential of House Music: to affect people's emotions and bring them together on a collective journey. He's been striving to do just that ever since, and in the process, has become a faithful participant in the music, the culture, and the times.

Throughout high school, he frequented parties featuring DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Farley and many other masters, and finally had a chance to break into the scene at age 19 after meeting contemporaries Mark Farina, Derrick Carter and Spencer Kincey (Gemini). His early gigs were at Alcazar with Gemini, and at one-off parties. At his Wicker Park loft, what started as a means of paying the rent developed into a two-year run as a nightclub, featuring Diz, Farina and Mark Grant on the decks. Soon after-wards, he and his friends took over Shelter, one of the city's "most severe night spots." >From roughly 1993-98, Diz was the Friday resident at Shelter, and the Saturday resi-dent at Red Dog alongside Johnny Fiasco, and since then has held many residencies at other legendary Chicago spots.

In 1995, Diz accepted a job working for his brother's friend, Anthony Pearson (Chez Damier), at PRESCRIPTION (the label founded by Chez and Ron Trent). PRESCRIP-TION conducted distribution business with CAJUAL, and that is how Diz met his future producing partner and close friend, Joshua (whose nickname as fate would have it, was "Iz").

In 1995, Iz n Diz produced their first record together, "Ghosts in Detroit," released on PRESCRIPTION's sub-label, BALANCE. A year later, Joshua/Iz moved back to San Francisco, but he and Diz maintained a close friendship over the years and continue to produce together for labels like CLASSIC, AESOTERIC, GUIDANCE, TWEEKIN', SIL-VER NETWORK, and PANHANDLE.

Diz is currently on a touring tear taking him one of the planet to the other while some-how finding time to finish up an album with mate Iz, coming soon!


Mario Dubbz & Heather B

Bay Area born and raised, Mario Dubbz comes from a family of music lovers and vinyl collectors. Seemingly always exposed to rare and different types of music that most kids were not exposed to back then. Learning to play the drums at a very young age, he gained knowledge of beats, counts, and timing. Spinning house music came naturally, and he got the hang of it quite fast. So after of nearly a decade of battling in house dance circles at raves, undergrounds, and clubs, Mario took his energy from the dance floor and transferred it to the turntable. Inspired by all the local and international talent he heard in the "rave days" his style became more apparent. "Funky, Groovin, Disco house with a touch of Soul".

Mario Dubbz's selection of Funky House Music has caught the ears of promoters and househeads across the West Coast. Inspired by early 80's Funk and Soul, you can hear the influence of this era in his sets today. For over a decade Mario has been on a consistent tear spinning at every club, bar and lounge from SF to San Jose on a weekly basis. Inspired by Sf house legends, Mario brings that SF sound to whatever city he happens to find himself in. Mario has shared the stage with house music heavyweights such as Johnny Fiasco, Derrick Carter, CZR, Angel Alanis, David Harness, Stacy Kidd and Roy Davis Jr just to name a few...and has dropped sets in Miami, Portland, and Los Angeles for crowds of up to 10,000!

Whether is a deep set at a lounge, to peak hour rave madness, Mario has a set appropriate for any crowd or situation in front of him, displaying the versatility he is known for. Now...he plans on taking steps into the production game with tracks soon to be released on Groovesque Recordings. The future looks bright for this rising star...STAY TUNED….

DJ Heather B. AKA Heather Besos, was born in El Paso, TX. She comes from a musical family of singers and dances and always had passions in all areas of dance, art, and music. As a child she used to make mix tapes of her favorite tunes on the radio. She held many regional choir awards.

She began her journey as a house dj in 1996, when she was 14 years old. She credits her beloved friend, Sergio Trujillo (R.I.P) for teaching her the basic fundamentals. Heather B. moved from Texas to New Mexico in 1997. In 1998 she began playing at events and striving to make a mark on New Mexico’s electronic music scene.

One of Heather B's first residencies was Rapture, where she was fortunate enough to play alongside Mark Farina in 1999. Over the years, she played many nights and hosted many residencies in the Southwest. She displays a wide spectrum of versatility. She has played events ranging from house parties, to underground raves, to art-show openings, to clubs, to warehouses across the USA and Mexico. She has opened for and played alongside NM’s favorites: Reverend Mitton, Donovan, Melanie Moore, Just Julius, Dave-12, Chachi, and other respected names such as Jay Tripwire, Q-Burns, Wyatt Earp, Jonene, Joshua Heath, Garth, JT Donaldson, Iz, Diz, and Jeno.

Heather B. has now resided in San Francisco, California for the last eleven years. She has been bringing crates of carefully selected rhythms to the tables for the past fifteen years. Although she plays a variety of music, her specialty is deep and funky house beats.

You can hear Heather B. play in San Francisco, along with bay area talents at venues including Wish, Monarch, The End-Up, Mighty, Temple, and underground spots. Heather B. has been winning over crowds and dance floors with her knowledge of music, track selection, and smoother than silk mixing styles.


Aaron J

In his DJ sets and via his Sure Thing parties, LA-native Aaron J bridges the gap between forward-thinking dance music from all corners of the world. From house and techno to EBM and UK bass, he keeps one eye on the dancefloor and another firmly focused on the underground. Pay close attention; Aaron commands the room on his own terms, and you won't want to miss a moment of it.


Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist.

World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night..

We got you!

Located at F8
1192 Folsom
Folsom St. at 8th St., SF

Streaming LIVE at

9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Room



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