House of Bass: Boots 'n Cats

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There's gin and tonic, yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly. But what's a better pair than Boots 'n Cats? Yeah, we don't know either. Your beloved ZF crew knows what you want, and we're givin' it to ya. Join us on our home turf at the Public Works loft for a night of quality mew-sic, felines, and sturdy footwear. Dress like a tabby and don your best dancing boots - we're groovin' and shakin' it late into the night! Come vibe with us. Meowwww!

Presales are limited and will sell out! Do yourself a solid and grab one now!

The fur-midable beatmakers on deck:
↛ Lechuga Especial [Duckpond/Icarus]
↛ ARCHiEXX [ZF, Sinewave Syndicate]
↛LinK aka Kevin Lin [ZF]
↛ Catmom [SF]

Want to get your fix of music now? Listen to previous sets from HoB here:



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