Halcyon Winter Formal w/ Gordo Cabeza, and Jayvi Velasco

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Halcyon Winter Formal "Head in the Clouds"

Let's get silly and have the Winter Formal we always/never wanted. Expect spiked punch, dance offs, prom pictures, silly décor and a battle of 60's vs 80's music and fashion.

Donovan Gordo Cabeza (MOM) will be representing the 60's
Jayvi Velasco will be battling him with that crazy 80's funk!


Bring your A GAME and win Winter Formal King & Queen
Post your Prom Pictures on FB or Instagram and tag Halcyon for free entry

Are you 60's
Contrary to popular opinion, the 1960's (also referred to as 'The Sexies' or 'That Decade I Don't Remember Due To Mind-Altering Drugs') did not happen, due to the space-time continuum being warped by a freak time-travel accident caused by waffles. This is what made it such a great era as many men could get high and have sex with men much as they wanted, I'M GLAD ITS NOT THE SIXTIES EVERY DAY!

Or are you 80's
The decade of cocaine, roller blading, weird fashion, the best sex, simpler times and the finest females. America was the number one place to be in the world. Also a time when New York and New Jersey (East Coast) were the hottest places, and took back America as the best place to be; from the previous West Coast and the South. Also the era when Japanese cars took over the American market in popularity. Like Mazda, Honda and Toyota.

And of course, some of the craziest music produced by human beings, ever.
Sometimes you wish society was just like the good ol' days!



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