Goonroom presents: Bell Towers [Public Possession, Berlin - NYC Debut]


12 months, 10 parties, 7 NYC debuts, countless laughs, some serious hangovers, new friends, and gallons of fog. And endless amazing tunes. Goonroom is back in 2019 to celebrate one year of parties at Rose Gold with the NYC debut of a much-loved Australian gent and DJ/ producer who personifies fun and extremely good times: Bell Towers of Public Possession, NTS Radio, and many other very good labels. Rohan has a penchant for dropping life-affirming house classics right alongside trippy leftfield rhythms, italo, acid house, and lots of Madonna. He's played on some - if not most - of the world's most cherished dancefloors and simply put: he will make you move.
Day Cart & Wig-Wam to set the tone. See you in the dance.






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