Global Soul w/ J Boogie, Oz + More

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Four connoisseurs Bay Area tastemakers bridging the gap between South America, Africa, and USA, with waves of disco, tropic house, afro-beat, funk, samba, and a load of tropical grooves, Saturday, July 14th. If you want to see what the [Bay Area soul] looks like, then come check for yourself how these local DJs from Afrolicious, BRAZA! and J-Boogie Dubtronic Science make SF lose its brains on the dance floor for over 10 years.

***Accompanied by Live Percussion***

J-Boogie (OM Records)
San Francisco resident DJ/producer J-Boogie has challenged the boundaries of music across genres, styles, languages, and borders throughout his 20-year career. He speaks to his listeners, integrating musical genres like downtempo, hip-hop, dub, soul, reggae, funk, Latin, afro-beat, bhangra, dancehall, disco, dubstep, electro and house music.

Ozgood (Afrolicious)
Los Angeles based Ozgood has been rocking dancefloors from cities like Rio de Janeiro to New York City to festivals like Burning Man. His eclectic selections mix up dance music from genres ranging from funk, Afrobeat, disco, house, Latin, Hip-Hop and reggae, the unifying factor being the breaks that make the party move.

Elan Kamesar (BRAZA!)
DJ Elan is a native of San Francisco but his coração is definitely Brazilian. He's made frequent pilgrimages to Brazil over the past 15 years digging for records everywhere from São Paulo to the backwaters in the Amazon, and his collection is nothing short of World class. He is one of the founding members of the BRAZA! Club parties in the San Francisco Bay Area, and continues to rock the dance floor eclectic topical selections.

Antonio Guedes (BRAZA! / Afrolicious)
Musician, composer, DJ and a party maker. Antonio Guedes, the co-founder of BRAZA!, has traveled the world playing and collaboration with amazing artists. From Brazilian soul to funk, samba, and house to reggae, his sets are an invitation for everyone who's interested in all forms of Brazilian music, to dance and hear how it connects with the rest world. Born in Brazil and based in San Francisco, Guedes has fused his love for his home cultures sonic exports successfully anytime he plays.

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