Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun ft. DivaDanielle


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Elm Street has Nightmares.
Jason has his Hockey Mask.
And Mystopia has your Halloween covered!

On October 22nd, rifle through all of your Stranger Things as we hearken back to our childhood for a party that would make Drew Barrymore Scream! The category is ‘80s and 90's Horror Movie Eleganza and it’s your mission to be serving Scream Queen Realness from Dusk Till Dawn.

We're bringing back divaDanielle, which means our Fright Night is going to have music so incredible The Evil Dead are going to want to crawl out of their graves and bump-n-grind against your Candyman all night long. We’re taking you to Carrie’s prom, with a lot less pig’s blood and a lot more spiked punch.

This isn’t going to be Child’s Play so only come if you’re gonna be a true Hellraiser. And who knows, maybe when it’s all said and done you might walk out with your very own Bloody Valentine

As always, costumes are encouraged, but not required.



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