Gardens with Josey Rebelle, Shanti Celeste, Cashu, stud1nt

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Gardens supports the reunification of dance music and queer culture, by working to create dancefloors centered around safety, joy and openness to everyone.
✿ This party is an intentional space for Queer individuals. Be mindful of the space your body and voice take up ✿
✿ Homophobic, racist, transphobic, or discriminatory behavior of any kind will NOT be tolerated ✿
✿ Touching people without their consent will not be tolerated ✿
Please report any discriminatory or harassing behavior to security or any member of Elsewhere / Gardens staff ASAP and we will remove the offending person from the club. All security on premises are instructed to support you in such a situation swiftly, respectfully, and with your discretion.
Thank you for respecting these rules and each other. Be a good bb!
Questions about Gardens? Want recs on other amazing, queer parties? Get in touch directly with Julia and Jordan - [email protected]



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