Function / NDRX


◾️ Resident Advisor:

◾️ FUNCTION ◾️ One of techno's true underground heroes, Function has been DJing and making music for over 25 years. Hailing from New York, He bears the distinction of being the only non-Birmingham artist to score a release on the legendary Downwards imprint, and in recent years helped establish the Sandwell District label with Regis and Silent Servant - The crew which put the music first at a moment when the genre was becoming more and more about celebrity. From their distinctive post-punk-inspired artwork to the refreshing lack of information surrounding who did what, it was the type of operation that would’ve built a cult following regardless of the quality of its output. At the beginning of 2012, after Sandwell District was put on permanent hiatus, Sumner was invited to join the Ostgut family, releasing his debut album, the critically acclaimed, Incubation on Ostgut Ton, and becoming a Berghain resident.

◾️ NDRX ◾️ Ndrx is an Georgian electronic music activist and resident Dj at the club Bassiani. He has become inseparable part of this scene for more than a decade. During the last couple of years, Ndrx took part and played at festivals and clubs like Exit Festival in Serbia, CTM festival in Germany, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt , Berghain, Basement in NY, Queer space Kremwerk in Seattle, ODD in Brazil, Fastforward - Copenhagen, the queer night of Spielraum and Herrrensauna in Amsterdam and Berlin.



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