Freeks of the Industry


Freeks of the Industry
Launch : Saturday, Dec. 2nd at Oddjob

Calling all freeks to the dance floor!

Every first Saturday of the month, Zara Mez & Cristoffer Zuniga, along with a special guest freek from our local DJ community, will bring you a brand new show called, FREEKS OF THE INDUSTRY! We're kicking things off on Sat, Dec. 2nd, with special guest freek, Michelle Musial!

Our goal is to provide you with a great place where you can pre-party before the party. Also, to bring out your inner freek on the dancefloor from the eclectic sounds of nu disco, house, deep, funk, and indie. As the vibes run through your body, you'll start to feel good, as you sip on your drink of choice from our wide selection of beers and cocktails.

It all happens every first Saturday of the month at Oddjob on Mission St. from 7pm - 12am. We know the freeks come out at night, but only after they drink and dance with us first ;)

Guest Freek:

Michelle Musial

Resident Freeks:

Zara Mez

Cristoffer Zuniga

1337 Mission st
San Francisco, Ca 94103
Free | 21+ | Happy Hour






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