Forward: Marc Houle + Mark Henning + Adnan

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Howdy Disco.City.Zens

We Move Forward once again in SF!!

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Forward & Public Works Present:

Main Room:
MARC HOULE Live (items & things)

MARK HENNING (soma / poker flat)

ADNAN SHARIF (forward / d-edge, Brasil)

Loft Hosted by Zero (NY)
MIRA (Katerblau, Berlin)

SATORI Live (Crooks, Netherlands).

+ Ramona Wouters opens the Loft.


Altar and Fruit Banquet by Forward SF.



::: Marc Houle :::
While the global EDM scene still debates the merits of “pressing play,” techno veteran Marc Houle has been wowing audiences for over a decade with a live performance that is constantly evolving night after night, in city after city, at clubs and festivals worldwide. The skill and effort that goes into creating these truly “live” sets is the result of an entire lifetime dedicated to electronic music and a deep love of the machines that make it.

::: Mark Henning :::
With an ever increasing following over the years, Mark has established himself as a consistent producer of quality underground house and techno having released music on well-regarded labels such as Soma, Hypercolour, Poker Flat, Freude am Tanzen and more recently his own imprint Swing. His sound sits somewhere between house and techno, with a healthy dose of darkness, swing and funk.

Mark has proven himself as a versatile DJ, being equally comfortable playing deep morning sets as well as peak time slots. He has performed all over the world at clubs such as Fabric, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Rex, Space, Lux and The Arches to name just a few, as well as the festivals T In The Park, Rockness, BPM, Fusion, Portugal’s BOOM and Free Rotation.

::: Mira :::
Even though being the lastest discovery of the Bar25 Musician Crowd, Mira is by no means a newcomer. She has enthused her front row followers with her expressive minimal house sets for already more than a decade.

Behind the decks Mira convinces with an extraordinary sound and with live-mixing skills that have reached perfection over the years. Whoever witnesses Mira dj-ing will be enchanted by her sets that go under one's skin. Miras grooves are warm and sexy. They touch the heart and rock the floor. Girls'music? Perhaps. "The future is exciting", she says. In 2014, at long last, she will have some new releases and there are futher projects to follow. We keep looking forward to a breath-taking Mira-summer behind the decks and on vinyl.

::: Adnan Sharif :::
Brazilian-born, Adnan Sharif immigrated to the USA in 1987 and found himself right at home in his new city, San Francisco. His DJ career started in 1995, playing his first gig with, "The Gathering," a legendary series of parties held in the San Francisco Bay Area. His musical styles include all genres of house music, ranging from deep to tech to minimal. Presently, Adnan Sharif is the resident DJ and promoter of Forward SF, and D-Edge Club in São pauloi, Brazil!

Adnans Forward SF nights have blossomed with the reputation for creating warm, inclusive and soulful vibes that unite our people and celebrate diversity. His parties are known for their large-scale rollout of solid, consistently infectious vibes that cause an involuntary surrender to the dancing and love so embedded in the San Francisco makeup.

::: Satori :::
What is Satori, you say? Music created by this artist, is exactly what his name represents-

-- Enlightenment and Energy.

We are born in a chaotic age, all looking for our own space.
A space that exists beyond ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong.
A space where we can surrender, and find ourselves. Satori helps us find our way.

Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. It is not defined by any-one genre.

Satori is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden. Listen as you take on new dimensions of his musical
world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.

Whenever you’re ready, Satori will meet you there, to the place one can only dream of.

::: Ramona Wouters :::
Born in Antwerp, Belgium I was introduced to the sounds of New Beat in the early 90's. One night my parents took me to Boccacio, a club just outside of Ghent (since I was only 15) and from that night on, I was hooked! The years following, I was fortunate enough to go clubbing at some of Belgium's and Holland's finest…La Rocca, Café d'Anvers , Roxy and It, just to name a few.

On to the US of A in 94 and somehow I always seemed to find the good music that kept me dancing. (or maybe it found me) From the Full Moon parties in LA to the NY club scene to my annual stop at Burning Man, my insatiable appetite for the beats has recently inspired me to embrace my passion and start putting the music together myself and play for people that love to dance too.

I've recently had the honor of opening for and playing with some other DJ's that have helped me tremendously.



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