Forest Creatures | Tree of Life Fundraiser

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    The Midway SF


We’ll be co-inhabiting the Midway Patio with the native species of “Permission to Land”, a wild but friendly species who show their colors on the dancefloor.
///\\\/// Flock with your fellow Forest Creatures & ENJOY \\\///\\\

🐯 The Airpusher Airship docked on the patio
🎶 Hours of beautiful melodic house and deep grooves under the sun
🐵 An enclave of vendors ready to help you stock up for the impending Burn
🌳 An EIGHT FOOT model of the Tree of Life and full booth of swag and information on the project
🐨 Delicious food and libations from The Midway

///\\\/// MUSIC \\\///\\\

Be ready to frolick, prance, leap and bound to a full day of deep melodic house and techno from some of the Bays best local talents:

Pedro Arbulu (Modular)

Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)

Benjamin K. (You're Welcome)

Cptn Jay (Airpusher Collective)

Jon Barnes (Airpusher Collective)


///\\\/// THE TREE OF LIFE \\\///\\\

The Tree of Life is a large-scale art installation for Burning Man 2018 and beyond that received an honorarium from Burning Man Arts. The 10-story art piece in Burning Man history, reminds us of our deep connection with each other and all life on this planet, while inviting us to participate in opportunities of transformation and creative interactivity.

Please come out to learn more about the project and to support the growth of the tree! A portion of the proceeds of the event will be donated to help give the tree water! Thank you for your activation within the community! ♥



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