Fluxion/ Experimental Housewife/ Federsen



$20 tickets ($15 early bird): https://bit.ly/2Syg0II

Alibi Works presents:

Fluxion (live)

Experimental Housewife

Federsen (live)

Christina T (live keyboard)

Past Deep

Visuals by Vj Flood

9pm doors

Fluxion's dub techno signature sound was born in urban Greece and really found its path during the mid 90s, in a city that existed in a state of ‘flux’ like no other in the 20th century. Berlin’s social, historical and political factors all came to bear both consciously and unconsciously on the musicians experimenting in the city around the turn of the millennium and the freedom in the city’s creative spirit was very much a reflection of these wider factors. A live Fluxion show is entirely improvised, exploring the role of the musician in the 21st century. He is highly influenced by the level of reciprocity and interaction that exists in the club between live performer and dancer, and after 20 years of experiencing this unique place to communicate this to new audiences and in new environments, the artist himself is often taken into the realm of audience, as his own creations are layered up and find an unintentional life of their own.

Experimental Housewife is exactly what you'd think: an experimental DJ and producer. With an impeccable taste in house, deep house, and techno classics, ExHouse often slices through all genres with her hard techno and noise side. Also a drummer and professor, ExHouse is moreover a longstanding collector -- and selector -- of electronic music. Her sets are bizarre treats replete with force and nostalgic layers. Whether you're in for a gnarly set or something eclectic and narrational, you can always sense her percussionist mind, academic technique, and house music heart.

Federsen is a musician based in San Francisco creating deep and Hazy dub infused sounds. Grounded in Humanity, Avant Roots, Linear Movement Deeper Meaning, Waehlscheibe, Fifth Interval and other labels.

Christina T is a classically trained pianist & composer that recently decided to go digital. Originally from Greece, she has developed a passion for dark melodic deep house & techno. Christina is a monthly resident DJ at Asiento and Iron Horse and co-host of Deep Sea and Alibi Works.

Past Deep is a local Dj/Producer from Hudson County, New Jersey doing what he loves most. Musically influenced at a young age, and has always been surrounded by talent and with an open ear for almost every genre.



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