Fantastic Voyage Vol. 5 w/ Jex Opolis, Eug + More


Boat ting, boat ting, boat ting.

Welcome back, voyagers. Make It Funky's Fantastic Voyage returns *airhorn, airhorn, airhorn, spinback* Make It Funky's Fantastic Voyage returns for the fifth consecutive year to treat you to a sunset cruise around the San Francisco Bay.

For the uninitiated, the voyage is a funk-fueled jamboree that sails from the Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge and back, getting up close and personal with some of the City's most iconic sights: Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge. You'll soak it all up as the sun sets over the ocean and you repeatedly slam adult beverages while bouncing to house, disco, funk, and some shit you've never heard of but are definitively down for.

Big ups to all you ravers, house-heads, freeqs, and ne'er-do-wells who hopped aboard over the past four years - thank you for creating and sustaining one of our most anticipated parties. Each year the party gets bigger, the lineup gets better, and the people friendlier, crazier, and happier.

Straight up: we're really excited about this one. This year we're getting super duper wavey… like waveageddon wavey, more-waves-per-capita wavey. The lineup features very talented and insanely rowdy local selectors, friends, and family

Jex Opolis (Good Timin', Dekmantel | NYC)

Eug (Public Release, FACE | SF)

Dj M3 aka Makes Me Move (Green Gorilla Lounge | SF)

Griffin Camper (Supply | NYC)

Onemohit + Joe Fro (Make It Funky | SF)

BVRLY (Frolick | SF)

How-to tips to make this happen for you:
~ Move on tix ASAFP. This event will sell out, get spots for you and your friends sorted out sooner rather than later. Don't waffle on it and decide later - that would be a mistake. Get involved, be a leader, and rally your amigos.
~ Cash rules everything around you. Credit cards will be accepted but bring cash, everyone behind you at the bar will be getting tilted while you're "Authorizing…".
~ Come well prepared and well equipped. You'll be on your own for all the "I'm-colds", "Do-you-have-a-chargers", "Got-a-lighters?", "I-should've-brought-sunglasseses", etc.
~ Bring a positive mental attitude. Self-explanatory, innit. A little bit goes a long way.
~ 'Get weird' but don’t 'be weird', say hey to people you don’t know. Respect the crew, respect others, respect yourself. This is a funky, friendly, and safe environment for everyone - make sure your actions contribute to it rather than take away from it.



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