ExtravaTuanza! ft. Nikita, Benjamin K, Tobin Ellsworth


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ExtravaTuanza: A Tuanraiser of Epic Proportions Featuring Tobin Ellsworth, Benjamin K, Craigshow, Nikita & Friends

Great Northern and the Monarch SF family proudly host a special and exciting blowout day party for our dear friend, political party activist and Sunset District 4 Candidate, Tuan Nguyen on Friday, September 21st from 3pm-9pm! With outstanding music support from Tobin Ellsworth, Craigshow, Benjamin K, Nikita and a few special guests DJ’s to be announced, help our community rally in support of the Tuan Nguyen for District 4 Supervisor Campaign. Suggested donation is $20. Donate what you can afford. Your on-line contribution will directly impact how viable Tuan is in the race in the Sunset. Please SUPPORT now by purchasing tickets in advance.

You can donate directly to Tuan's campaign here and you will be placed on the guest list:


*Donations will be accepted at the door in lieu of advanced "ActBlue" on-line donation. If you are unable to donate at this time, please share the event with the your community. Thank you!

All proceeds will go towards the campaign, producing campaign collateral, and securing necessary campaign means to win this election on Nov. 6th!

"My name is Tuan Nguyen, an SF native. This campaign of a lifetime in the making is deeply personal. I love the Sunset and I love the City. I run because I am the best candidate to lead the Sunset and Parkside at this time. I can work with all stakeholders collaboratively. Campaign after campaign, I grew my connections and established strong relationships with volunteers, elected officials, and constituents. Grass-roots activism is in my blood.

I run because we are fighting for the Soul of the City. I step forward and accept the challenge of ensuring that there is affordable housing, an excellent public education is offered for our children, our seniors are being taken care of, SFMTA is held accountable, homelessness and clean streets actually get addressed, SF becomes sustainable through reducing our carbon footprint without PG& E’s questionable support, and equality across genders, races and communities are enacted. Let us continually support our local artist and musicians to ensure they have a place in SF. We are the RESISTANCE. Yes, the future is FEMALE and I am a capable placeholder and leader. As Emma Watson said in her speech to the UN leading the HeForShe movement, " Ask yourself if not me, who? If not now, when?"
"I am ready NOW. Our time is NOW."

Come join us, get energized, impact local politics by changing the face/future of San Francisco and dance in support of Tuan!!! The future of San Francisco is NOW. Here's his website if you are interested in his vision of SF and the Sunset!


#TuanforSunset #SFRising #WeAreSF



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