ExitWestSF Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving Saturday

What is now becoming One of San Francisco's best Off the Radar events will be inside the Clubhouse. We're excited to have Christopher Orr and IRIS make their debut at Gleneagles Golf Course. Can't wait to see you all 💙

Christopher Orr ( orriginal.com )
Didje Kelli ( ExitWestSF)
DJames ( ExitWestSF )

Rain or Shine (DJs will play inside the clubhouse for this edition).
Club House Lounge, Full bar.

On Sale now at UpAllNight. Will sell Out!! 120 person limit.
$25 at the door.

There is a full bar in the club-house to keep you fully-refreshed throughout the evening.


We strongly recommend for everyone to arrive by Lyft. Parking is strictly prohibited on site. Please take this one seriously peeps.

The nearest parking is 1/3 mile away (7-min walk) at Dublin St and Persia Ave. The venue has requested for no one to park along Sunnydale Ave to avoid drawing unwanted attention.
Please help us keep everyone safe and happy.
Can't wait to see all of you starting at 4PM on Sunday!

Warm jackets are a must after dark! The patio will have seating and heat lamps to keep you toasty throughout the evening.

Pets and children are not welcome unfortunately as we're on a private Golf Course.

Club house accepts Credit cards but lacks ATM on site. Cash recommended for entrance ($25 💙)

Last but not least! We are not to go on the greens kids!! These folks work all year to keep their course manicured and beautiful. Let's respect their amazing work 🙏

Artwork by Matt Day

Peace, Love and Dance!



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