El Otro Mundo presents Cobalt: Rick Preston + More

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COBALT is first event by Bay Area's very own El Otro Mundo collective. These events will feature the Bay Area's vast array of talented DJ's/producers doing it on a local level but also on the international scene.
This first event will feature Housepitality's very own Victor Vega and Tyrel Williams trading sets with EOM's birthday boy Paul Leath. Also from EOM, we will be introducing an all vinyl techno head and birthday girl Emma Jean!
Last but not least, a special closing set from Bay Area legend and another birthday boy, RICK PRESTON!!!!
This will all take place at SF's hot spot, Monarch....

Thank you for your support!!!
COBALT Cobalt is a chemical element with symbol Co and atomic number 27. Like nickel, cobalt in the Earth's crust is found only in chemically combined form, save for small deposits found in alloys of natural meteoric iron.

Rick Preston
Although Bay Area DJ Rick Preston started off his career playing disco and funk in the early 80’s, he used his experience in the booming 80’s alternative scene to hone his DJing skills. Rick would be part of various gatherings in bars and night clubs, leading their nights with swooning tunes and industrial beats. And as the music progressed, so would his attraction to what would lead to an even bigger movement, House Music.
In the early 90’s, Rick became involved with promotion alongside his frequent DJ gigs. Rick was helping put on club nights and raves in their beginning stages, when the underground was at its strongest.
Rick has performed at many of the Bay Area’s most prominent events, like The Gathering, Stompy, Salted, Groove Kitchen, Boogie Buffet, Cool World, 2nd Sunday, Spundae, etc. His residencies have included clubs like San Jose’s F/X, Cardiff Lounge, The Oasis, Ajax, The Usual, and San Francisco’s 1015 Folsom, The EndUp, DV8, and DNA Lounge among many others in and out of the Bay Area.
While his DJ sets are mostly considered deep and funky, Rick enjoys taking the crowd on “the journey” in his sets. Rick has a special flair for bringing together a multitude of genres which can include soulful vocals, disco, tribal rhythms, tech-house, acid house, a classic track or two, or even a mind awakening spoken word.

Tyrell Williams
Tyrel has been a mainstay of Chicago’s underground House scene for years. He began mixing records in 1999. Soon later he landed a job at Gramaphone Records where he spent the last decade building a mighty collection of 12” dance records. He spent 2009-2011 building his Acid Test residency at Smart Bar, which is an ongoing all vinyl House / Techno weekly dedicated to the true art form of DJing. Guests have included Miles Maeda, Derrick Carter, Tevo Howard, Traxx, and Justin Long. Tyrel has recently moved to San Francisco where he is a resident DJ for Housepitality and has also started his Acid Test party with Bryan Bai-ee, Miguel Solari and Luke David Nasaw.

Victor Vega
Victor Vega, hailing from Jersey City via Northampton, has been part of the dance-music culture for the past 14 years studying media production, promotion, and learning the music. In 2004, Victor moved from Massachusetts to California to further his knowledge of event and music production, promotion, and DJing.
Some of Victor’s early dance influences were genres such as Latin and Acid House, Hip-Hop, R ’n’ B, World Beat music and such unlikely sounds as Classical and Classic Rock. During the last two and one-half years, Vega has honed his craft of sculpting the sounds of Electro, Tech House, keeping it dirty and juicy so that it makes you want to freaky deaky.
In moving to San Francisco and working with the Fringe Art Collective and Janky barge. Victor has enjoyed the honor of playing alongside artists such as The Juan McLain, Freestylers, Bassnectar, BLVD, Glitch Mob, Stanton Warriors, and DJ Icey in venues such as Poleng Lounge, Anu, Mighty, Rain Dance (Santa Cruz), Get Freaky @ 10:15, Burning Man, and Decompression. Victor countinues his quest for the last four years with the Housepitality Crew as resident DJ and Floor Manager.
In the coming years, Victor will be focusing further on music production and in utilizing more hardware technology to extend the fluidity of the mix, and continuing his quest for excellence in event-production for the ever-demanding public. Meanwhile, Vega doesn’t lose sight of the point of all this which is to bring people together to share common interests and participate in the evolution of the culture and, most importantly, bust a move like no one gives a shit!

Paul Leath
Paul Leath has taken on several roles with his involvement in the electronic community, promoter, agent, manager and
record distribution. During this entire span, always producing and deejaying. New projects currently involve the developement and expansion of El Otro Mundo Productions. The "umbrella" of every project that involves members of the collective.
El Otro Mundo Recordings is the original label from El Otro Mundo Productions started by his brother, Christopher aka El Gato.
Friction Recordings is a sub label created by Paul,focusing on the driving aspects of techno and house. The concept of Friction is used in our design and production. It is part of this world that stimulates while keeping us "grounded".

aka Leathal
DJs Christopher(El Gato) and Paul Leath combine their respective talents to become tag team Leathal. As part of the respected alternative label el otro mundo, both are independently strong DJs in their own right having developed their sounds over number of years and traveled worldwide to enhance their individual musical palettes.

eomSessions - weekly on-line radio show
Paul created the show in 1999 and has hosted with El Gato for years. Along with the new addition The Notorious P.I.G. they host one of the longest running online radio shows in the
Bay Area on Common Ground Radio called eomSessions. This weekly show features local and global DJs and producers.

Emma Jean
BIO coming soon.



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