DTE's Zorg Island III: MOSSMOSS + Max Gardner, Joel Conway


Presented By


8-9 Joel Conway
9-11 Mossmoss and Max Gardner
11-12 Joe Moody
12-1 Guidewire Live

As the color leaves the sky Joel Conway will start off the party with his liquid selection of brain squeezer pleasers. Once darkness takes hold above us in the open-courtyard Max and MOSSMOSS will take court ushering us towards the hard darkness of night on the island. Joe Moody will speed things up and dive into the depth of 134 Techno. All will be broken down and built back up by the curators of invention DTE'S own Guidewire Live.

Visuals by "Visual Aids"

The winery is located just a few blocks away from the "Sunset Island" day party, on the North-West Corner of the Island.

The Party is BYOB, please do.
There will be wine for purchase and free wine flights of 10 original wines and 30+ wine combinations.

There will be a "soft door," with a donation bucket
and possibly a real live autobot.

Treasure Island get cold as outer space so we'll try
--covering the entire perimeter with tarps
--sweater/ blanket rental
--carpeted areas
--blanketed inflatable pools (cuddle puddles)
-- a small space heater or two

Hail Zorg.



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