DTE Inner Orbit 09 | Excise: Milkplant, Max Gardner, Muon


Excise is a vinyl-focused label based out of SF and run by Marc Kelechava & Deckel Israeli. The goal is for each release to pair a regional Californian techno artist and a local visual artist. For EX01 - EX03 the creative work has been done by Diana Tran. https://exciserecords.bandcamp.com/.

EX01 featured Marc's Muon project, and was featured in Chicago's 5 Magazine for best new techno in Feb 2017. It also sold oddly well in Japan, with enthusiastic reviews such as "サンフランシスコのアンダーグラウンド・シーンから放たれた、ヒプノティックなキラー・ミニマル!!" via Kyoto's Jet Set records.

EX02 brought with it bigger remixers and further reach, with Developer putting his touch on a track for Justin William Pennell's Milkplant alias. We have been wanting to book Justin for a very long time. Justin and his Oakland based label From 0-1 have been staples of the Bay Area music scene for years.

EX03 releases Feb 8 (this party!), and features Direct To Earth's very own Max Gardner serving up 3 new originals along with a blistering Yan Cook remix. This is Max's first release on vinyl and first release in 4 years! We'll have copies of EX03 for sale, don't sleep on this release.

Inner Orbit is free as always. Here's to techno, here's to you!



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