Djrum + Blazer Soundsystem


PR.SoundRoom [8_29] THURSDAY: Felix Manuel, also known as Djrum, has built a hideout for himself among these spaces. He may have attracted less media attention in the past than some of his contemporaries, but his output over the past five or six years has been consistently meticulous. A connoisseur of (among other things) jungle, techno, ambient and footwork, he’d be a proficient enough producer if he just stuck to one of these genres. Instead, he takes in elements from all these sources and composes tracks that adhere to their own unique internal logic. Join us at Public Records for a rare stateside vinyl set by one of the modern masters of his craft. Warming up the room are the insanely talented record wizards, Blazer Soundsystem. Better tighten up the screws, we’re in for some serious vibrations.

This event is free before 11 with RSVP, $15 at doors.






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