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DJ Joey Webb

Makes Me Move



DJ, producer, vocalist – Colette has grown from an integral part of the Chicago underground into a breakout musical triple-threat releasing her most accomplished and fully realized artistic statement to date. Combining the tunefulness of classic pop songs with the thump of classic house of her hometown, the album ventures into new sonic territory for Colette, from intimate bedroom beats to stadium-shaking dance anthems. When the Music’s Loud is the sound of an artist at the peak of her powers.



In the past few years the Chicago house community has produced a number of innovative and distinct djs trained in the art of transforming tranquil dance floors into spaces of sheer bedlam and bliss. Derrick Carter, Diz, Mark Farina and Sneak stand at the forefront of the nouveau jock barrage born and bred in the underground gatherings which flourish there. Their committed visions of undiluted musical appreciation, interactive communication, improvisation and basic integrity has brought greater attention to all the city� great djs including the genre busting DJ Heather. Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, this Brooklyn born Chicagoan demonstrates her skills and sharp deck acumen for the massives throughout Chicago and the world at large with verve and undeniable talent.

At the urging of a friend, after hearing an unmixed compilation tape of her�, Heather started out at the Artful Dodger. A neighborhood pub with a cramped moist dance area situated in the rear. Being such a music lover djaying was a natural progression. I would ask some friends to come by. It was my chance to share my favorite records and have a few drinks� " I was not really mixing but learning how to play records, programming 101." "I was responsible for five hours of music every Saturday night. Eventually I got into the technical aspect of djaying, watching other djs play and learning by example. Finally I was able to get turntables and began practicing six hours a day if I was able. The first time I mixed two records it was like discovering a new secret language" "At that stage it was truly a hobby, something I did on weekends. I always think of the dj thing as the happy accident. Maybe because I came into it at a stage when it wasn� considered a superstar thing to do. I was the only dj in a circle of photographers, actors, designers and so on." At that time she was also working for local record labels and garnering experience about the industry. One gig lead to another and the hobby soon manifested itself into a full time pursuit. For five years she earned her chops by playing an urgent mix of hip hop, house, jazz, soul, RnB, disco classics, rare groove and all manner of off-center beats relevant to the stew she was brewing. At the Dodger she fully developed her versatility and philosophy as an entertainer.

During her fourth year at the Dodger, she began what would be a three year residency at Red Dog. A Wednesday night gig dedicated to downtempo beats, hip hop, rare groove and disco. "At Red Dog I was able to fully develop as a dj and hone my skills." At that same time she began a short but invaluable stint at world famous Gramaphone Records. Many of Chicago� well known djs have made a stop there; Sneak, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Terry Mullan, Gemini, Colette and Miles Maeda to name a few." That place was my resource center. I was hired to be the hip hop buyer. I would also use their phone lines, fax machines, FedEx and ups accounts to the fullest extent. I used the store to make contacts, ship demos/press kits and sell my own mixed material. Three years later, once bookings got in the way of covering shifts, I had to say good bye. I felt like I had graduated Gramaphone Tech. It was such an invaluable experience." Primarily known in the Chicago dance community as a "hip hop" dj she began a shift in the material she played. "It was never a conscious effort to play one genre more than another. I�e always been interested in all forms of music. The demand for me to play house seemed to increase after each gig. Over time one just gave way to another. Gone but not forgotten"



Recognized in San Francisco as a formative creator of the socially popular and musically talented Housemen collective, Joey Webb is among the elite handful of people that seem inadvertently destined to weave a foundry of eclectic sounds that will appeal to the masses.

Discriminately, he was raised with a foundation for soul music when his father opened a local record store in 1965 – from this Joey took an enamored stance on music and forthwith found his outlets for expression. It was only after 20 years of dance and pursuant to a major in dance did he find the need to create sounds and flow to appease the bodily movement he had worked with for so long.

Not long after his dabbles as a DJ, he was discovered by the likes of San Francisco’s legendary Devotion Records. Joey has surfaced as an extremely versatile DJ through the partnership he carries with local and international promoters. Although he is adaptable to the soulful house thread, his splash of flair lies in the rhythmic gestures of funk to tech, Brazilian to Afro-Haitian sonnets and his ability to convene multiple forms of sound, from nu-jazz to hip-hop and anything saucy in between.

J. Webb has played a wide-range of big sound clubs as well as a other venues scattered throughout California, Texas, Washington and New York. As a regular guest at San Francisco’s staple soulful house events Devotion and Remedy in the early 2000's and more recently in the Seattle house scene, Joey has stretched his persona and positive vibe to prove his charisma as a performer. He is just as vibrant as the diverse collection of music he brings with him to every gig.

These days Joey calls Seattle home where he has had numerous guest appearances at Seattle's own Flammable at Rebar, The Mix up at The Woods and various events at Monkey Loft.


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