Distant Lands w/ KLEINTIERSCHAUKEL live (ℒaut&ℒuise, Berlin)


CapsuleM's new concept Distant Lands explores the warmer and deeper lands of sound. Unexplored exotic islands, mythical deserts, impassable lush jungles, and endless beaches are only a few inspirations behind its musical direction and ambience.

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.: Los Angeles debut :.

☞ KLEINTIERSCHAUKEL *live* (ℒaut & ℒuise, Berlin)

With Kleintierschaukel from the realm of Laut & Luise, the doors open widely to a magical world. A musical journey deriving from dreams, drives its audience far beyond of its musical means. No matter if loudly, or gently immune, its sound never fails to strike the accurate tune. From singing birds and dancing leafs, to dreamy woods, meadows and ¬fields, it is playful joy the Schaukel yields, driven by moments of ecstasy.
Between driving synths and sluggish drums, it is the sound of the world which invites to dance. Melancholically in trance or time wishfully spent, you escape for a moment to wonderland. Resembling a face otherwise only known from a tale, it is the magic of the Schaukel which you entail.

☞ Elwan........(CapsuleM, LA)
Elwan is CapsuleM’s resident & co-founder with creative inspiration from both, East and West. His sound has evolved into a delicate twist with influences from Deep/Tech House to Nu Disco/ Indie Dance.

☞ Brandon Ernst........(Groove On, LA/MIA)
Brandon Ernst is LA based DJ/producer. He also heads up North American A&R for Groove On Records.

✺ A u d i O ✺

Known for its crystal clear sound quality, Turbosound will be providing an exceptional listening experience throughout the night.

~ CapsuleM ~



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