Disco Space Shuttle w/ Milo Hafliger + DJ Seva


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We've loaded up the The Disco Space Shuttle to once again take you on an interstellar voyage with friends old and new.

A special night featuring Milo Häfliger (Bern, Switzerland)
also with DJ SEVA (SF)

The Disco Space Shuttle with Silent Disco out front.
Häfliger has been making waves in the international electrnic music community with his deeply evocative sound, which stresses on using feeling and emotion to create truly powerful music. He will take you for an astonishing journey that will bring us together and open our minds.

"I'm trying to convey my feelings and emotions through the magical power of music. To share something beyond sounds. To get on a journey far away from fears of expressing ourselves freely. To get more intimately in touch with our core being. Together for the change!"



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