Disco Knights + Panda Lounge Fundraiser


A double header of epic proportions: the Disco Knights and Panda Lounge burning man crews are teaming up for the ultimate fundraiser party!

Show your support for two of the best sounds camps from SF at Burning Man featuring local loves and surprise guests! This is how we do it, San Francisco. Hope you can join us for this cosmic voyage!

***** Music by *********
Galen (Sunset)
Dj M3 (Disco Knights/GreenGorilla)
Anthony Mansfield (DiscoKnights/GreenGorilla)
Bo (DiscoKnights/DeepBlue)
Atish (PandaLounge/Listed)
Mark Slee (PandaLounge/Listed)
Shiny Objects (Om Records/Smoke n' Mirrors)
Rachel Torro (MorningGloryville/PandaLounge)
Andy Warren (PandaLounge)

**** This is a non-profit event - all proceeds go to funding the Disco Knights and Panda Lounge camps at Burning Man.

11pm - 6am
early arrival is highly recommended



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