Disco Dive w/ Atish & Slee (6 Hour Set)


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DISCO DIVE is back on Sunday, June 12th with our third installment of 2016. We are honored and excited to have atish & Mark Slee joining us on the roof for a very special extended set. Recently the boys have launched their new label Manjumasi. Manjumasi focuses on the quirky and sophisticated sounds that the two regularly feature in their club gigs and studio mixes. Deep, complex, melodic grooves that engage the listener while maintaining a playful vibe.

Atish & Slee have been best friends and long-time co-conspirators since the late 1990s. The two first met in high school outside Chicago, and in short order began experimenting with electronic music. Finding their way to San Francisco in the mid-2000s, they’ve continued to delve deeper into DJing and production, refining a shared taste and curatorial sense. Manjumasi represents a natural next step, building an outlet to showcase emerging artists and sounds that these two enjoy.

This is a limited capacity event in which we will not be offering a rsvp guest list. To attend the event you must purchase a pre-sale ticket before the day of the event, tickets are on sale now and we can't wait to see you on the roof.

► ATISH & SLEE [Manjumasi]

The Rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA
550 South Flower at 6th Street
Doors open @ 1-7pm
Photography by: VSVM photography



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