Direct to Earth w/ Luke Hess and Natan H

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Direct to Earth invites back our good friend Luke Hess and his imitable Detroit vibe. We also welcome a newer artist for us, LA's Natan H. Also a a true dub specialist, Natan H makes some of the purest deep house and techno around. Direct To Earth's Patrick Gil, who has released on Luke's label DeepLabs, will be providing support. Join us for another journey into deep space.

Born in 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90′s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance-floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood.
Luke’s faith based music production landed him a seat with Omar S’ FXHE label & Carl Craig’s Planet-e label in Detroit. Hess has celebrated original productions and remix material on labels such as DeepLabs, FXHE, Planet-e, Motech, Beretta Grey, Echocord, Kontra- Music, Modelisme, Ornaments, Echocord Colour and more.
In 2009, Luke released his first album, “Light in the Dark” on Denmark-based record label, Echocord. “Light in the Dark” received glowing reviews and was hailed by many as one of the best deep techno albums of the year.
In 2012 his second full length album was released of the imprint of Omar S, FXHE. "Keep On" was greatly received and cemented Hess' name amongst the emerging Detroit elite.
With 15 years of DJ experience and many notable live sets across the world, Luke is regarded as a perfectionist on stage. Hess is known to layer his sets in a very detailed, hypnotic and soulful manner. After playing many notable venues & festivals such as Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Berghain & Panorama Bar – Berlin, Fabric – London, Unit – Tokyo, Culture Box – Copenhagen, Bunker – NYC, Decibel Festival – Seattle, Bassment – Hong Kong, etc., he is excited to continue exploring the world stage and introducing new and old fans to his raw & deep breed of Detroit techno.
Luke’s continued hard work in the studio & behind the decks combined with his unyielding interest in technology and sound will no doubt stimulate the boundaries of electronic music.

Natan H is an artist from Chicago and saw his debut release on Anton Zap’s Ethereal Sound in early 2012, followed shortly after with a Various Artists record on Batti Batti that showcased his deep and inimitable style. Since then Natan has steadily released music alongside likeminded artists and labels including Joey Anderson, Benjamin Brunn, DJ Spider, Miltiades, Chicago Skyway, Finale Sessions, Appian Sounds, and Altered Moods Recordings, in addition to two EPs on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic. Together with Owen Jay, Natan also works as Gauss, releasing on Contrast-Wax and Inner Shift Music, while operating the vinyl imprint under the same name. In 2016, Natan debuted a new project called Ithkuil on the vinyl imprint Hizou Music. When not producing, playing, and DJing music, Natan is Chief Creative Officer and VP of Engineering at Kadenze, Inc. an online platform for teaching arts and creative technology. He also serves on faculty at California Institute of the Arts where he teaches music technology, creative coding, and interactive arts.

Patrick has lived in California all his life, and it shapes his interpretation of electronic music. Raised in the 90's and 00's on psychedelic rock, jazz, electronica, indie, singer songwriter - and later on - techno and house music, he finds strains of inspiration through the music he was exposed to and has been creating since age 15. He works as a live sound and video production engineer, as well as an event producer in San Francisco; and has successfully found a way to merge his career and passion into a happy medium, that translates into his body of work.

His production technique is shaped by analog synthesizers, guitar pedals, software tricks, far-out samples, and dub techniques. His productions have appeared at the likes of Berghain/Panorama Bar, Space Club Ibiza, Fabric London, Movement Festival Detroit, Slam Radio, and other various clubs, radio shows and podcasts all over the world. He believes in simple and spacious sounds that translate into an open canvas for every DJ to interpret his own story through.

As a DJ himself, he prefers long, smooth and spacious mixing and storytelling through the slow build. He seeks the same qualities in the music he plays as he produces. Lush or dissonant, slow grooving or jacking; he tries always to find the in-between sounds that stretch out the minds of listeners and dancers. He prefers to play without a computer, and keeps the mixes smooth and tight, with bits of surprises along the way.

*******Direct to Earth********

NASA defines the signal transmission from outer orbit space craft to earth as DTE. We attempt to embody this transmission, become the source and reach out to new audiences. We here at DTE find the music we play and the talent we bring to our events just as exotic as alien planets. We hope to cultivate a positive impact here on earth via sound waves and experimentation. We are DJs, producers, party people, ravers, gear heads, bankers, photographers, weirdos, dancers, bartenders and brewers who find life all the more amusing when the sound system is loud, the drinks are stiff, and the DJ is actually playing what they imagined they would play .

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