DEVOTION PRIDE: Mood II Swing, Julie McKnight, Miguel Migs

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Devotion Pride 2018 - Mood II Swing, Julie McKnight, Miguel Migs, Ruben Mancias and Jay-J

Devotion returns for a special Pride event at The Great Northern


Mood ll Swing

Live Performance by Julie McKnight

Miguel Migs

support by Jay-J & Ruben Mancias


One of San Francisco’s longest running event brands, Devotion returns for Pride 2018. With the Great Northern hosting the event and an awesome Void sound system this music journey of House music icons will surely be one for the books.

Mood II Swing have been a production powerhouse since the early 90’s. They achieved incredible acclaim and a cult following across the globe. The duo is responsible for many dance floor gems and the UK radio crossover hit “Free” by Ultra Nate.

Julie McKnight, having started her career over 20 years ago, has been blessed to travel the world doing what she loves. Her music has carried her through every genre, from Gospel, R&B, Rock, and Funk to Samba, Jazz, and House. As the voice behind “Finally”, “Diamond Life” and “Home” her House music became the soundtrack for a generation. These songs had a immeasurable impact on House music itself, aligning her as one - if not the most - revered voices in the industry.

Miguel Migs has achieved levels of success both critical and commercial – yet he emains a genuinely humble, self-effacing individual. A globe-trotting DJ, nominated on a Beatport poll as ‘Best Deep House Producer’ who, rather than constantly follows the trends or hype, prefers to let his music do the talking. Thankfully, his music more than does the talking – it speaks to people. Just listen or better yet, Dance.

Ruben Mancias has been a longtime SF staple in the dance music scene. As the founder of Devotion his events and DJ sets have moved people from San Francisco to New York and beyond for the past 20 years.

Grammy-nominated remixed and producer Jay-J has been a world renowned dance music icon for decades. With his own Coke bottle for the Beijing Olympic Games, a studio discography spanning hundreds of releases, he has continued to inspire music-loving dancers year by year.



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