Detroit Swindle, Nicky Siano & Christine Renee



Good Room presents...
Detroit Swindle - Extended set (Heist/Amsterdam)
Christine Renee
Nicky Siano
in the Bad Room
All night long

Detroit Swindle
When trying to define their ‘success’, it’s hard to pin it down to just one thing. For Detroit Swindle's Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, it's a lot of things. Perhaps it’s their talent to find that typical groove that has been so widely acclaimed. Or maybe it’s their ability to connect musical styles spanning over more than 5 decades (and continents) into their sets and productions in such a way that you’re always curious to hear what comes next. Or could it be because they’re always on the move, searching for that new thing to challenge themselves in their productions and live sets. Whatever it is, it’s keeping them rather busy.

Not surprisingly, staying busy is exactly what they’re doing with their label, Heist Recordings. Maarten and Lars are constantly on the look out for new music and that one promising artist that they feel needs to be heard. Though Heist saw it’s very first EP only back in 2013, it already has become the go-to label for many A-list dj’s. It has released a wide variety of exciting EP’s by a.o. Fouk, Max Graef, Brame & Hamo, M.ono, Frits Wentink, M.ono, Andy Hart and of course Detroit Swindle themselves. etroit Swindle have released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classic, Dirt Crew, Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory and more.

Nicky Siano
Nicky Siano is the Master of Disco Soul & a pioneer of the dance music scene in the early seventies. He was the owner/designer/DJ of the legendary seventies dance palace The Gallery, (one of the 1st NYC discos) a club that inspired The Garage and Studio 54.

Nicky is the last surviving Original Resident DJ of Studio 54. He stood out by playing underground alternative music instead of the common disco hits that were dominating the nightclub scene. He worked the DJ booth at Bianca Jagger's infamous Studio 54 birthday party. He inspired and launched the careers of Grace Jones, D.C. La Rue, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, to name a few.

Tickets - $10 first release / $15 second release / $20 at the door

Doors - 10pm / +21 gig







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