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An attempt to explain what Desyn is all about is best left up to Desyn himself. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and read this interview he did a few years back and I guarantee you will be lining up at the door, not wanting to miss even a minute of him playing at Phonobar.

"The essence of the sound, which I have always tried my best to express, is the same. However, there has been some evolution. There is now a more elegant approach, more spacious and trippy feelings, more extraordinary, dark and funky vibes, and overall more variety and imagination. There is still a sense of uplifting when needed, lots of good party vibes, and still the overall sense of love, mystery and melancholy. I feel there is a new dimension to the sound I play, a new depth, and a more defined structure, in terms of sound quality and rhythmic structures."

Desyn on why he stopped touring for 7 years.
"During this period of research and development, I was using almost every day advanced searching on the Discogs database, checking sometimes 20 hours a day, and finding many obscure and lost forgotten gems. I have mainly focused on 90's techno, minimal, progressive, house, early UK bleep, rave, German analog techno + house, French, Belgium, Dutch, Nordic techno and house, experimental, ambient, breaks, IDM, progressive, tech-house, UK garage, US house and techno, Japanese techno and house, Italian house and progressive trance ... I have collected close to 30,000 pieces of vinyl since I started digging around 1990, and half of those have been collected in the last 7 years. As time has gone by, my love and desire to discover electronic music have only deepened.

What can I say other than, I’ve given literally all my time and money to this love to discover and create DJ sets that could touch people, its a tireless and endless dedication driven from the spirit within, which got stronger with age, and I can only see it put on hold for my other love of music which is music production; something that I'm splitting my time doing now. DJ's have always sought the most timeless special records, and this is what has driven me to keep going - to connect and inspire others with wonderful music and feelings.In the end, all this collecting has a purpose, the DJ set. The vision of the DJ. It’s all about representing something you can not put in words, you can only express it from the music."



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