Derias & Kietzn


Pattern Bar resident Derias returns on Friday, March 18th.
He'll be joined by South Africa's Kietzn.
Free All Night
9pm - 2am
100 W. 9th St.
Derias (Vector LA)
Kietzn (Cape Town)
About Kietzn
Kietzn is a LA based artist originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Having grown up in dance, exposed her to many genres of music at a young age. Over the years this aided in developing her music knowledge which later grew her curiosity for the music and dj scene. Kietzn has been djing in and around LA since 2015. Having a fairly young yet fast growing career, in 2017 she really started making a name for herself through her residencies within the US & Mexico. More recently becoming known through her dj sets at Burning man. Kietzn is consistently delivering a deep tech set that gets the entire room moving. Her beats enthrall her audience into a hypnotic state of dance culture while embracing the true underground essence that is at the core of her love for music.






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