DEPARTURE - DJ Heather, Scott Diaz, Ruben Mancias, Jay-J, Teejay Walton

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July 2, 2015 you are cleared for DEPARTURE, a weekly Thursday event at The EndUp. Bringing a highly conceptualized themed late night party, together with international and local talent, DEPARTURE is about to take flight through the stratosphere!

On July 2nd, We Depart for Chicago and have dance floor turbulence provided by DJ Heather, Scott Diaz and Teejay Walton along with our weekly navigators Jay-J and Ruben Mancias. Join us for Pre flight cocktails in the lounge to celebrate Ruben's Birthday.

Each week we’ll take the crowd to multiple destinations around the globe by way of master talent from New York, Paris, London, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo and beyond. Executive Lounge, Mile High Club, Supersonic Cocktails and Aero-inspired Visuals will take DEPARTURE passengers on a weekly journey, unlike SFO has seen in years.

Thursday nights in San Francisco are historically the most popular nights for San Francisco’s diverse residents to unite on the dance floor, giving life to massively popular Kit Kat, Lift and Anthem. Now…DEPARTURE will give rise to Thursdays and elevate its passengers to new heights.

Check your baggage at the door, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for DEPARTURE!



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