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Over the course or a career spanning more than two decades Deetron has defined himself as one of the most dynamic artists in electronic music, continuously evolving his sound and style. Deetron prides himself on a a deep record bag and has a dedicated commitment to technical prowess - a master of three decks. As a producer Deetron has released a similarly accomplished string of records over the more than ten years, each honing in on a coherent but unique sound palette.
He's making his Good Room debut in February and will be joined by John Barera. John is a DJ/Producer & label owner based in Brooklyn who is known for his eclectic range of house and techno. John founded a techno/acid focused party and label with Volvox called Jack Dept. John is also the head of Supply Records alongside Soren Jahan, a vinyl only imprint. Together they produce under the name B-Tracks.
*d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks*
**Good Room is a safe space for all people. We do not accept racism, homophobia or discrimination in any form. If you are being harassed, please tell a bartender, staff member or security guard.**



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