Day Party w/ Eelke Klein + Agents of Time (Afterlife)


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EELKE KLEIJN (DAYS like NIGHTS) + AGENTS OF TIME (Afterlife) SF Debut at The Midway Patio

+ VERLK (Bedrock)

$10 Before 3pm


21+ 1PM - 9PM
900 Marin St, San Francisco, CA 94124

EELKE KLEIJN: The fact that Eelke Kleijn DJs in his socks and produces in a standing position tells you a lot about what you need to know about him. He never feels more at home than when he’s behind the decks, and there’s no separation between the booth, his studio and the dancefloor. This natural air that he brings to all facets of his music is something that’s reflected in its organic feel, and it has helped his creative identity to shine in a crowded scene.

Three albums into a well-established yet still rapidly ascending career, Kleijn is a artist very much in his element. Success has come on his own terms, without compromise or calculatedness. In the grand scheme of things, he’s an underground artist, but one who has effortlessly made the jump into the wider world when the time and opportunity have felt right. His remixes for the likes of John Legend, Pendulum and James Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence are testament to his ability to reach wider audiences without giving up on his core values.

With a background playing piano, guitar and bass and a healthy sideline in composing for film and TV, his productions are imbued with a deep sense of musicality and emotion, always engendering a strong sense of space, place and occasion. His work scoring Hollywood blockbusters like Rush, Parker and This Means War has been met with great acclaim, with plenty more on the way.

His latest artist album, Moments Of Clarity, is the apex of his work so far, blending progressive, ambient, epic breakbeat, deep house and melodic techno in perfect harmony to create an album that is as at home on the dancefloor as it is on the home stereo. It features the soaring track 1,000 Lights, which was originally composed as part of a 670 drone art piece at Burning Man 2018 in memory of festival founder, Larry Harvey. The reactions when he opened his set with it on the Mayan Warrior art car suggested he was onto something special that would form one of the pinnacles of this stunning LP.

DAYS like NIGHTS is becoming an increasingly important part of what he does. Serving as a multi-faceted platform where he enjoys total creative control, it encompasses a label, a radio show and podcast and spectacular parties.

The label has mainly provided an outlet for his own creations, but has supported some of his other favourite artists along the way and will soon expand its roster to help bring through more exciting new talent. His weekly global radio show and podcast goes from strength to strength, bringing the sound of his mesmerising DJ sets to new audiences across the world. The parties — thus far including an event at the world-renowned ADE — combine his love of emotive dancefloor music with stunning locations to provide a truly immersive experience. These different elements all combine to realise his vision as an artist and curator, helping fans to come closer still to his musical world.

Speaking of the near future, he’ll soon premiere his long-awaited hybrid live show, which combines the best elements of live and DJ setups in one package.

AGENTS OF TIME: Agents Of Time is the project of Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo. A revered three­man live act, DJs, masters of their sound in the studio and founders of the Obscura record label.

Since starting their journey together as Agents Of Time, the three Italians have combined their talents and shared influences to become a globally in­demand dance act, releasing on a number of leading labels along the way. A much­loved debut 12” on Correspondent in 2014, ‘Polina’, marked them out as an exciting new name in the realm of emotional, melodic techno and kickstarted their touring career.

A hardware­heavy, improvisational live set spanning house, techno and acid is at the heart of what they do. The three members perform around a square table, facing each other, translating a symbiotic energy through the machines and communicating through instinct and gesture. A complex, unique and unpredictable dance between human minds and analog equipment that invariably creates moments of magic. Their live set was partly inspired by an expert of the craft in Mathew Jonson, and it is telling of Agents Of Time’s success that they now count Jonson as a collaborator. ‘Repeating Patterns, Numbers and Letters’, Agents Of Time’s first studio collaboration with Jonson came out in March 2019, following live shows together at Rex Club (Paris) and Movement Festival (Torino).

Agents Of Time’s DJ set, for which the three members alternate to form a duo, allows them to express the same vision through a more eclectic medium. The adventurous spirit and heady sound palette is channeled into house, techno and more obscure selections.
Their work in the studio is a free­flowing ritual, an extension of what they do on stage. ‘Spread The Word’, their debut album came out Stem Records in 2014 and was followed by hit EPs for Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio, their own label Obscura and Curle Recordings. A relationship with Tale Of Us and multiple appearances at Afterlife events has also led to Agents Of Time signing to Afterlife with the stunning ‘Dream Vision’ EP and 'Paradigm' on the Realm Of Consciousness compilation.

Perhaps the purest form of Agents Of Time’s music belongs to their own label Obscura. They inaugurated the label with the hypnotic, bassline wizardry of ‘Day One’ and in 2018 followed up with ‘Ordinary Cosmic Dance’. The label, which began as (and continues to be) a party series, has also provided a platform for like­minded artists through a double­vinyl compilation, and counts luminaries such as The Hacker, Antigone and Francois X amongst its roster.

The Agents Of Time are taking careful steps and showing themselves to be gifted, versatile performers with each one. Whether on record, on stage or at an Obscura event, count on a high­quality output, finely balanced between experimentation and a straight dancefloor vibe.



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